Tator tots, ground meat and a few other ingredients make this Cowboy Casserole oh so very tasty! We love easy dinner recipes and this one is a no-brainer!

ground turkey casserole topped with tator tots

Cowboy Casserole – the name makes you feel like you’re sitting by the chuck wagon doesn’t it? I had to adapt the original recipe a bit because when I started cooking I realized that I didn’t have all of the ingredients. That’s the great thing about creating in the kitchen – you can make it work with the items you have on-hand. The end result was that it turned out great!

ground turkey cooking in a pan

Not only was this recipe tasty, it was also very simple to make. I had some chopped onions in the freezer so I threw them in (still frozen) after the meat was cooked and they cooked down beautifully!

tator tots topped with ground turkey mixture

I’ve had tater tot casseroles before but never one with a layer of tator tots on the top and the bottom! Trent thought this recipe might also be good with green beans so we added some in when we had leftovers. He was right – yummo!

casserole topped with tator tots read for the oven

 cooked casserole topped with tator tots


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