Living an abundant life is possible and I want to show you how!


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35 Bible Verses About Strength In Hard Times

As I’ve walked through hard times in my own life many of these Bible verses about strength have been a huge encouragement to me. Much like I did, you’ll likely see a common theme in among these verses…

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What To Do When Friends Don’t Understand Me

Relationships are hard, especially when they feel broken, toxic or even like they’ll be ending soon. If you’re feeling lost in your friend groups, I’m here to support you by sharing the lessons I’ve learned through the years when I’ve felt like the odd man out…

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20+ Christian Songs About Fear To Encourage You On The Hard Days

Overcoming fear is possible and there’s no better way to begin that process than with these Christian songs about fear. Fear is a liar, my friend!



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25+ Must Read Christian Fiction Book Series

If you love to read then you’ve come to the right place because I’ve put together a fabulous list of must-read Christian fiction book series (and even polled my mom and sister who are diehard readers too)! I have no doubt you’ll be able to find a few awesome reads from this list…

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15 Fun Games To Play With Friends Online

I’ve put together a fabulous list of 15 games to play with friends online (on the phone, over FaceTime, Skype or Zoom). They’re perfect for 2 people, families or even a small group. Grab your computer and get your children and teens connected and having fun while saving your sanity…

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Stay At Home Date Night Ideas The Best 2 Player Games

Having a date night out on the town can be a blast, but sometimes you just want to stay at home and chill. I’ve put together the best 2 player games to help you with date night ideas. Whether you’re a dating couple, newlyweds or have been married for years, you’re sure to find a few games that the two of you will enjoy playing together…

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Welcome! I’m a wife and mom who loves to encourage other women to live an abundant life.

Is that really possible? Yes, it absolutely is! (My life is proof!)

To me living an abundant life doesn’t mean you’ll live a perfect life with no problems – that’s just not possible.

Your life will be filled with peaks and valleys and it’s how you choose to deal with those situations that will determine whether or not you will have joy and peace.

I believe that no matter what craziness life throws your way, you don’t have to walk this journey alone.


  • I feel Ugly Unloved and Unwanted

I Feel Ugly, Unloved and Unwanted and I Don’t Know What To Do 

Hugs to you, my sister, if you feel ugly, unloved or unwanted. Let these words of truth speak deep into your heart today and even change your perspective about yourself! Every night we read a Bible story to our son. One of my favorite stories to read out of his Jesus [...]

  • Are you wondering what to do when feeling worried or scared? I’ve been there with the “what ifs” filling my mind. Thankfully I was able to work through my worry and fear and I want to show you how you can too!

What To Do When You’re Feeling Worried or Scared

Are you wondering what to do when you're feeling worried or scared? I’ve been there with the all of the “what ifs” filling my mind. Thankfully I was able to work through my worry and fear and I want to show you how you can too! I’d grabbed my to-do [...]

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Abundant Living Prayer Journal

The Abundant Living Prayer Journal is a beautiful tool to help busy women in all seasons of life grow in their walk with the Lord. Included are the 4 keys to an abundant prayer life which will guide you through the daily prompts as you begin your prayer time each day.

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He Rejoices Over Me With Singing – Mirror Cling

This custom mirror cling is a beautiful reminder from Zephaniah 3:17 of the depth of the Lord’s love for us. Perfect for bathroom mirrors, kitchen sink windows, cars, and so much more!

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