These 2 player games to play at home are perfect whether you’re wanting to connect with your kids, having a friend over for game night, or planning a stay at home date night with your spouse. You’re sure to find new, unique and classic games that the two of you will enjoy playing together!

couple playing mini foosball

Playing games is such a fun and easy way to connect with a friends or family members. I’m always on the hunt for a fun, new game. This ginormous list of 2 player games to play at home was born out of my love for playing games.

Whether it be after school, in the evening after dinner or on the weekend, you’ll most likely find our family playing games. (And I’ll go ahead and admit that we’re pretty competitive! Sometimes a second round is started just so the loser can try again.)

I’ve broken the games up into six different categories: card games, board games, strategy games, action games, mini tabletop games and outdoor games. I look forward to hearing which one becomes your favorite!

Fun and Exciting 2 Person Games To Play At Home

2 Player Card Games

Power Switch

36 different ways to start the game. Never the same game twice!

Players roll the dice to determine the Power Card each round. Use the Shock Play Card on other players when they least expect it to stun them for added fun! Power Switch cards instantly change the energy between players. The winner is declared the Power Player by all until the next game.

phase 10 cards

Phase 10

This rummy-type game is one that is highly addictive. I’ll go ahead and admit that Trent and I get quite competitive when we play this card game!

Players must go through 10 different phases (runs or sets as specified on the phase card). If you don’t complete your phase but your opponent does, they get to move on to the next phase while you get left behind until you complete the phase you are on. Don’t worry – there will be plenty of opportunities to catch up later.

The first player to complete all 10 phases wins!

The Game

Work together to play cards numbered 1 to 100 in one of four piles. Two ascending and two descending. You must play 1 or 2 cards on your turn and you may not share specific information about what cards you have in hand. 

Players must work together to play all of the cards in two decks that represent the passage of time – The ultimate game. Reading the team, working together and figuring out how the other team mates think is the trick to winning The Game.



This wonderful card game is not just for the little kids, but perfect for big kids too!

Players take turns playing from the cards in their hand by playing the same color or numbered card in the discard pile. Watch out for the Draw Two, Skip, Reverse and Wild cards as they can change the course of the game.

When you have one card remaining in your hand, make sure to shout out UNO. If you don’t and your opponent catches you you’ll have to draw two cards! The first person to get rid of all of their cards wins!

UNO Flip is our favorite variation of UNO. The flip feature adds a new level of excitement that keeps you on your toes!

spot it cards

Spot It

You’ll need to be fast to win at this matching game. Between all 55 cards, there is always one matching symbol between any two cards. Be the first to find that symbol and win!

Mix up the gameplay by choosing from the five various ways to play! Let the concentration begin!


Take turns forming runs or sets with your playing cards. The first person to play all of their cards and go out wins the round. At the end of each round, points are tallied with the winner of that round getting additional points.

If you’re feeling risky, you can attempt to get Rummy by holding all of your cards and playing them at once. But be forewarned as that play could come back to bite you in the tooty!

Reader Tip: For a bit of a challenge, make the Jokers “wild” or deuces (gives you 4 wild cards versus the 2 Jokers).

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This fast-paced game has two decks of cards, a category deck and a letter deck. Each time a category and letter combo is revealed, the first player to slap the “I Know” card and give an appropriate answer—like “Cake” for the combo “Desserts” and “C”—gets the card. At the end of the game, the player with the most cards wins.


Simply pick your tiles and be first to shout out a word corresponding to the card topic to gain points and WIN!


This strategy game is quick and easy to play. Simply make others discard their cards and hold onto yours to win. Save yourself with an action card and bring home the gold!


In this game of speed, players must be the first to match the right picture card to the right clue card to win the round.

There’s not just one way to play Slapzi though – also included are instructions for 7 other Slapzi games.

Strawberry Sunset

Players create a vibrant and flourishing strawberry patch – one more fruitful than your neighbor’s. You will have until sunset to grow as many strawberry plants as you can, while landscaping your garden. Add unique features to your design, such as koi ponds, gnomes, and zen gardens. Win the game by having the most points.


In this beach themed card game players build out their “beach” with beautifully illustrated animals and beach themed items. Players can match, stack and “ripple” their cards to try and get the lowest score.

Tacocat Spelled Backwards

Win duels by playing cards of matching or higher value to defend your hand or sacrifice your lowest card. When you’re on your final card, whoever has the lowest value card wins the round bringing Tacocat closer to their side.

Llamas Unleashed

The goal of Llamas Unleashed is to be the first person to collect seven Llamas, Goats, Alpacas, or Rams in your Farm. Use Magic, Instant, Upgrade, and Downgrade cards to hinder your opponents’ progress and destroy their Farm animals. But beware — each player has all of these tools at their disposal as well, and you may just find your plans foiled. Get ready to destroy your friendships yet again…but in a good way.

P for Pizza

A food that starts with P? A bald celebrity that begins with B? A string instrument that starts with G? Or C? Or V? You’ll have to be quick to win your slice of the pie. The first player to collect nine pizza cards and build their giant pizza slice – wins!

Get The Picture

Players sound out the images on each card to form the name of a famous person, character, or band. It’s fast, easy, and fun! Whoever guesses the most cards right wins.

I Should Have Known That

Is starboard on the left or right side of the boat? How do you say “Japan” in Japanese? Is a penguin a bird? How long did sleeping beauty actually sleep?

In contrast to traditional trivia formats you don’t receive points for answering questions correctly. Instead, points are subtracted for ever incorrect answer.

Mille Bornes

Keep the tank full, find your way around the speed limit and avoid accidents that may slow you down. Play a tire puncture to keep your opponent from getting ahead, protect yourself with safety cards or save a safety for the classic Coup Fourré. Play your cards right, and you’ll be the first to cross the finish line


Players start with a hand of seven cards. On each turn, a player draws two cards, lays a card on the table as part of their arboretum, then discards a card to their personal discard pile.

When the deck is exhausted, players compare the cards that remain in their hands to determine who can score each color. Whoever has the most points wins.


Players build words using letters in your hand. The one who gets rid of their cards first wins. 


Players take on the roles of two of the city’s most powerful traders seeking to become the Maharaja’s personal trader by amassing more riches than their opponent. At the end of each round, the richest trader receives a Seal of Excellence. The first player to collect 2 Seals of Excellence wins the game.

Love Lingual

This isn’t your ordinary “card game” but is designed to bring you and your significant other closer than ever. How? By asking the right questions. Take turns asking questions from five different categories and learn more about each other.


Players are challenged to bid and name tricks The first person to reach 300 points wins Beware though because when the wild rook lands, everything can change, and not for the better.

Majesty Moose

Players take turns laying their moose cards. The first player to discard all of their cards wins the round and is given the lowest score. 


Try to get as few points as possible through flipping, trading and collecting cards over the course of several rounds. This is only possible as long as a player has not uncovered all his cards, because then ends a round. So beware, keep a close eye on the game and be cautious and wary of the other player’s actions!


In this classic word game players combine cards in your hands with the cards on the table to form words. Easy enough except the the table changes each turn. The player with the highest score wins!


Players race against each other to match the shape, count, or color on their cards to either one of two discard piles. The first person to play all the cards from their draw pile wins this lightning fast card game.

Scrabble Slam

The game starts with four cards that form a 4 letter word. Players simultaneously play (slam) the cards from their hand on top of the existing cards 4 letter word to form a new word. The first player to play all of their cards wins the game.

Board Games for 2 Players

Trekking The National Parks

Players race to visit the many American national parks and experience their unique qualities. To win, you must prove yourself as the most experienced traveler by moving around the map, collecting stones, claiming parks and attempting to score the most Victory Points.

Cross Clues

Work together to fill in the grid of code words by giving single word clues that represent the crossing of two different code words in the grid. Consider your clues carefully and think as a team to fill in as much of the grid as possible! Thousands of different combinations make for endless fun!



Players take turns using lettered tiles to form words, placing them on the game board and earning points for each piece played. Rack up the points by taking advantage of the premium squares that give extra points.

The rules state that words must be defined in a standard dictionary, but you’ll want to watch out for cheaters that want to make up words of their own!



Grab your cash, roll the dice to make your way around the board and get ready to dominate the market as you purchase properties. You’ll not only collect rent on your properties when your opponent lands on them but you’ll also get $200 every time you pass GO!

You never know what you might draw with the Community Chest and Chance cards – you may win a contest, be taken to a certain spot on the board or be forced to pay the other players. Do your best to avoid the Property and Luxury Tax spaces because they can get costly.

The player with the most money/properties wins the game!

Tip: The trick to winning the game is to buy as many properties as you can get your hands on. Shhh…don’t tell Trent that I shared his secret!


Players take turns by playing cards from your hand and adding the card values for the round. Move your pegs around the board to track your score. ​​Win the game by being the first player to reach 121 points.



Each player moves their pieces diagonally across the game board with the object of reaching the other side and getting crowned. The game is won when you capture your opponent’s pieces or when no moves are left.

My City

The game consists of 24 different episodes beginning with the development of a city in its early preindustrial stages and progressing through industrialization. During each game, players customize their experience by adding elements to their own boards.

Players’ choices and actions made during one session of gameplay carry over into the next session, creating a personalized gaming experience. For players who do not want to experience My City as a legacy game, a double-sided game board offers an alternate setup for repeatable play.

Shut The Box

Players take turns rolling the dice and lowering tiles that correspond with their roll. Once a player can’t lower any more tiles, their turn is over. The total of the remaining upright tiles is added to their score. The player with the lowest score wins the game.


Players compete to build the most aesthetic quilt possible on their 9×9 game board. You never know what patch you’ll be able to claim, so lay your board out carefully. Creating a beautiful quilt requires effort and time, but some patches just don’t fit together.

Spies and Lies

Players send their soldiers on missions. Each soldier has different abilities that will affect the outcome when they engage the enemy. The first player to land on the enemy’s flag with the Double Agent wins.


During the game, several Mandalas are created and destroyed and the players try to earn as many victory points in this process as possible by collecting the different colors their abstract Mandalas are made of. Who will earn the most points? Who will be the master of Mandalas?

Meeple Land

Players build their own amusement park by buying rides, offering services, buying advertising, and welcoming as many visitors as possible.

Railroad Ink Challenge

Players roll the dice and draw the routes to connect the exits around your board. Expand your network with railways, highways and stations to collect points, but you will be penalized for any open connections, so plan carefully.

A different set of goals will be available each time: no game will be the same!

Strategy Games for 2 Players


Be the first to get four-in-a-row which have something in common. The catch: your opponent chooses the pieces you get to play



Each player takes turns combining tiles with various numbers and colors and playing them as runs or sets. As your opponent is making his move, come up with a strategy that will help you get rid of all of your tiles (hopefully you’ll draw the wild-card joker to increase your luck). The first person to empty their tile rack wins the game.

Mantis Falls

On the dark film-noir roads of mob-ruled Mantis Falls in the 1940s, you are witnesses hunted for your information. You now must survive the night and escape town alive. Working together, you will need to frequently cooperate and trust one another to navigate the night, but things may not all be as they seem. Each game may be entirely witnesses – meaning players can only win by all surviving together – or there could secretly be an assassin hidden among you, subtly manipulating the situation and waiting for the right moment to strike.

You’ll make concealed moves and develop hidden plans, but also need to have thorough conversations throughout as you discuss tactics, defend choices and bluff to protect carefully guarded secrets. In your slow walk, you will seek allies, acquire tools and become encumbered by grave afflictions. The steps forward present secret “unseen” events and double-edged action cards, which stir confusion and degrade confidence. As the night wears, witnesses and assassins alike will need to tread the line between the value of teamwork and a preparation to kill.


What do you get when you mix poker chips and cards with a board game – Sequence!

Choose a card from your hand and place one of your poker chips on a corresponding space on the board. The strategy begins as you must also block your opponents and remove their chips. The first player with five in a row gets sequence and wins the game!

Blokus Duo

This fast-paced game of strategy has endless possibilities!

Each player takes turns placing their pieces on the board. But there’s a catch! Each new piece played must touch another piece of the same color, but only corner-to-corner contact is allowed.

The game’s score is based on whether or not you played all of your pieces plus the number of squares in your unplayed pieces. Let the strategy begin!

Take The Tower

Players place marbles one at a time on any level to try and get four in a row. Rotate a board if your foe is close to winning to change their strategy.



Are you ready for head-to-head battle? Each player places his ships on his portable battle case.  Locate your enemy’s opponent’s ships by calling out their positions, placing red and white pegs on your battle case to remember where you’ve launched your attacks.

The first person to destroy all five of their opponent’s ships wins the game. Bombs away!!



This simple game takes a bit of skill, luck and concentration!

Each player is dealt 10 cards. As the cards are being dealt he must place them in his rack beginning with the highest spot on his rack, #10. The goal of each hand is to race to see who can put all 10 cards in numerical sequence by drawing and discarding additional cards. When you get all 10 cards in ascending order, call Rack-O and you’ve won the game!


Players take turns scooping up the special stones and counting them out one at a time into the pockets on the board. When they drop a stone into an empty pocket on their side of the board, they capture all the stones in the opposite pocket.

It sounds like a simple marble game, but it’s got plenty of strategy and reinforces STEM skills like counting and strategic planning. The winner is the player who collects the most stones!



Both players draw lettered tiles and build a grid of words that must be connected in an intersecting or interlocking manner. Call out “Peel” when you’ve used all your tiles – both players must draw an additional tile from the “Bunch.”

Things will get slippery as you “Dump” (trade) tiles until there aren’t enough tiles for both players to take one. When this happens the first player to place all of their tiles in the grid and call out “Bananas” wins (after the other player makes sure that their words are valid.)

Mexican Train Dominoes

(In my best conductor voice.) All Aboard!!!!

On your turn, play one domino and begin to form your “Train.” When you’re unable to play on your train it becomes a “Public Train” that your opponent can now play on. You can also ride the Mexican Train which is a train that you can place your dominoes on at any time during the game.

The first person to play all of their dominoes wins!


Players fill in the countryside around the medieval fortified city, choosing from tiles that depict cities, roads, monasteries, and fields; each new tile creates an ever-expanding board on which players can then add their followers. 

Followers can take many different roles (knights, monks, farmers, or thieves) determined by the type of tile on which they’re placed. Each role scores points differently, so you’ll need careful planning to make the best use of your followers. Players score points by having followers on tiles as features are completed.

The player who makes the most strategic placements of tiles and followers will score the most points and win the game.



Prepare yourself for the ultimate game of strategy!

Use your king, queen, rooks, knights, bishops and pawns to capture (checkmate) your opponent’s king while keeping your own pieces from being attacked. Think it sounds easy? It’s not because each piece moves in a different direction.

The Genius Square

Players roll all seven dice together and places the 7 blockers into the squares of each grid to match the seven co-ordinates that appear on the dice.

Then each player will fill the 9 colored shapes into every other space on the grid to go against the opponent. Whoever finishes first is the winner!

ticket to ride board game

Ticket To Ride

In this cross-country train adventure players collect and play matching train cards to claim railway routes connecting cities throughout North America. The longer the routes, the more points they earn.

Additional points come to those who can fulfill their Destination Tickets by connecting two distant cities, and to the player who builds the longest continuous railway.

codenames duet game

Codenames Duet

You and your partner are on a secret mission to a crowded city. Your objective: to contact 15 agents while avoiding a band of enemy assassins.

You know the agents that your partner can contact safely. Your partner knows the agents you can contact safely. By giving each other one-word clues that can point to multiple words on the board, you try to find all the agents before your turns run out.


Players score points by building rows and columns of tiles that are either all the same color or all the same shape, without creating duplicates.

Look for opportunities to score big by placing a tile that touches multiple pieces with matching attributes; create a line of all six in a row, and you score a “Qwirkle”.

The player with the most points when the tiles run out wins!


The codemaker sets a secret code, and then the codebreaker tries to match the code using logic, deduction, and maybe even a little bit of luck. After each move, the codemaker gives clues to the codebreaker. Make the code even more devious by using multiple pegs of the same color or by leaving one or more peg holes empty. With so many possible code combinations, every game is guaranteed to be a brainteaser.


Players score points by building rows and columns of tiles that are either all the same color or all the same shape, without creating duplicates.

Earn points by spotting words that their opponents don’t. The player with the highest score wins. After shaking the grid to mix up the letter cube, players lift the lid, flip the timer and write down as many words as they can find in 90 seconds.


Players tilt and jump dice to get to the other side in this epic new 2 player board game. But it’s not that simple! Score points based on the face value of the dice that reach the other side. Highest score wins!

Earn points by spotting words that their opponents don’t. The player with the highest score wins. After shaking the grid to mix up the letter cube, players lift the lid, flip the timer and write down as many words as they can find in 90 seconds.


Each player is given a set of five blocks, each of which has a number from 1 to 5 to indicate that it is a complete set. Flip the top card to reveal the puzzle. Race to see who will be the first player to solve the puzzle on the card.


Players combine 15 random word tiles to create a clue for one of the four words in the center.

Kanoodle Head To Head

Slide a challenge card into the board, place the pieces shown, then race to fit the remaining pieces—before your buddy does. Press the button to launch your opponent’s pieces for the ultimate checkmate.


Trap and capture your opponent’s pieces by placing your disks on the board. Every time you “sandwich” one or more of your opponent’s pieces you flip those disks to your color. But look out—your opponent will try do the same to you! The lead can change with a flip of a disk in this classic, fast-paced strategy game that’s often not decided until the very last move.


Each turn, players must add a piece to their monster following placement rules. They then move the head or the tail of their monster to the new piece. Be as strategic as you can by using the space on the lake to your advantage and be the last one to elongate your monster to win!

collage of 2 player games

Action Games for 2 Players



And the walls came tumbling down!!!

Take turns removing one block at a time from the 54 block tower. Jenga will have you on the edge of your seat -as you pull your block and hope that the tower doesn’t come crashing down! The winner is the last player to remove a block without causing the tower to collapse.



This dice game is a game of luck (if you ask me). On your turn, roll the dice three times in hopes of getting Yahtzee (five of a kind). Don’t get your hopes crushed if you only get points for the other 12 categories (large straight, full house, etc.). Not sure how you’ll keep track of everything? The game comes with a scorecard to keep everything neat and organized!

If you’re a risk taker, you’ll have a blast going for the bonus Yahtzee! But you have to promise to scream Yahtzee when you roll it!


Players race to to move their pieces to between the triangles and are awarded points according to the roll of the dice. The goal of the game is to (bear off) move all of your pieces off the board. Backgammon is not only a game of chance but of skill too.

Build Up

Players take turns playing cards that allow them to place a block, but only on the previous 2 blocks. Each card is worth points. When the tower falls, the last player who successfully placed a block gets all the points.

Ring Toss Boss

Players take turns tossing their rings onto the board. The player to score the most points wins.

Pass The Pigs

You roll and if you get a Pig-Out or an Oinker, then you pass the pigs onto the next player. If you get anything else, you may decide to roll again or pass the pigs. The first player to reach 100 points or more wins the game.


Flip over your Tower Card or Block Card and be the first to build your block tower. (There are also 7 additional ways to play.)

Diced Cheese

Roll the dice (cheese pieces) and the cheese pieces will tell you what to do. The first player to complete the wheel of cheese three times wins.


Roll the dice and try to collect combinations that will earn you some points. But, if you decide to take a risk and continue rolling, you could lose your points in a Farkle!


Choose from 65 different variations of darts.


Take turns drawing cards and stack the piece shown, place your piece any way you want but make sure it stays, or else! 

Mini Tabletop Games for 2 Players


Players maneuver their magnetic striker from beneath the board to shoot their ball into the goal of their opponent. (It’s like air hockey only with magnets.) Be the first to score 6 points and you win the game.

mini foosball

Mini Tabletop Foosball Game

Players use the knobs to move the ball into their opponent’s goal. The player with the most goals wins.

mini tabletop pool set

Mini Tabletop Pool Game

Players use the knobs to move the ball into their opponent’s goal. The player with the most goals wins.

mini tabletop bowling game set

Mini Tabletop Bowling Set

Just like traditional bowling, the player who knocks down the most pins wins!

Hook and Ring Toss

Place the wooden cup in the center circle. Each time you land the hook, move the wooden cup 1 space towards your opponent. Player wins when the wooden cup moves off the end of the ladder.

mini tabletop air hockey game

Mini Tabletop Air Hockey Game

I don’t know what it is about air hockey tables but when I put that little wand in my hand I become quite competitive.

The player to make the most goals into their opponents net wins.

mini tabletop shuffleboard and curling set

Mini Tabletop Shuffleboard and Curling Set

The object of shuffleboard is to to score more points than your opponent either by knocking his pucks off or sliding his into a higher score zone. (Learn all the rules of shuffleboard here.)

Curling is very similar to shuffleboard. The first person that has the most points after 8 rounds wins. (Learn all the rules of tabletop curling here.)

mini tabletop basketball shooting game

Mini Tabletop Basketball Shooting Game

Who needs to go to the arcade or basketball court when you can have fun at home. The player who scores the most goals wins!

tabletop ping pong set

Tabletop Ping Pong Set

Yet another game that I’m quite competitive at…maybe because I’m pretty good. (Head over here to learn how to play and keep score of your ping pong game.)

Puck Slingshot Game

Start the game by placing five pucks on each side of the board. Slide both ends of the elastic band into the side grooves so that they snap into place. Whoever clears the board first wins.

Outdoor Games for 2 Players

ladder toss outdoor game

Outdoor Ladder Toss Set

The first player throws his bolas and then the second throws his. To get the most points, try to get your bolas on the top rung. (Head over here to learn about the ladder toss scoring system.)

mini cornhole game

Mini Cornhole Set

Players take turns tossing their bags into the opposite board. (Head over here to learn about the cornhole scoring system.)


Aerobie Superdisc Frisbee

It might not be a game, per say, but Trent and I really enjoy throwing the frisbee to each other. (And let me just say that this is!

outdoor ring toss game

Outdoor Ring Toss Set

Players take turns tossing their rings onto the base. The player to score the most points wins.

Popdarts Suction Cup Throwing Game

Players take turns throwing toward the target marker until all Popdarts have been thrown. Playing multiple rounds the player to reach 21 or more points wins the game.

indoor and outdoor horseshoe set

Outdoor (and indoor) Horseshoe Set

Players take turns tossing their horseshoes at at the stakes. (Head over here to learn about the horseshoe scoring system.)

croquet set

Croquet Set

I haven’t played this in years, but now that I’ve added croquet to this list it makes me want to buy a set.

Players take turns hitting their ball through the course of six hoops and finish by hitting them against the center peg. The player who complete the course first wins!


Players score points by throwing balls into a four-sided tower.

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