If you feel ugly, unloved or unwanted, let these words of truth from the Bible speak deep into your heart and, hopefully, change your mindset about yourself!

Each time I read the story of Rachel, Leah and Jacob that’s found in Genesis 29-30 it speaks deep into my heart. My favorite Bible to read it from is the Jesus Storybook Bible. (It might be a Bible geared towards kids but I’m always recommending it to adults too because it’s just so easy to understand!)

Let’s take a look at their story and the powerful truth you can learn when you’re feeling ugly, unloved and unwanted!

The Girl No One Wanted

Rachel and Leah were sisters. Rachel was beautiful, but the Bible says Leah had “weak eyes” which means she was ugly.

When Jacob came into the picture and met the two sisters he decided to marry the beautiful Rachel…and even worked 7 years for her.

On their wedding night Rachel’s dad (Laban) was deceitful and gave Leah to Jacob instead. (Can you even imagine?!)

Because Jacob’s love for Rachel was so deep he agreed to work another 7 years to be able to marry her.

As I put myself in Leah’s shoes (already knowing that Rachel was the prettier sister), being in that marriage must have been terribly lonely.

I imagine she often felt unloved and unwanted, or like a 3rd wheel.

Feeling Unloved and Unwanted

Here’s an excerpt from The Jesus Storybook Bible of what Leah says:

“No one loves me,” Leah said. “I’m too ugly.”

But God didn’t think she was ugly.

And when he saw that Leah was not loved and that no one wanted her God chose her – to love her specially, to give her a very important job.

One day, God was going to save the whole world – through Leah’s family.

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What To Do When You Feel Ugly, Unloved or Unwanted!

The words in these scriptures might have been written about Leah thousands of years ago but you better believe that God says the same about you, my sister!

The Creator of the Universe…

  • Sees you
  • Loves you (even when it feels like no one else wants you or loves you)
  • Has a very important job just for you

The next time you’re feeling ugly, unloved or unwanted I want you to read the words from the Bible again and let them speak deep into your heart, but this time put your name in the verse.

God chose _________ – to love _________ specially, to give _________ a very important job.

It might sound like a simple task, but I want you to say this verse over and over to yourself (with your name inserted) until you truly believe. Oh how your mindset and life will change when you truly believe how much He adores you!

So How Did He Rescue The World Through Leah’s Family?

One day, God was going to save the whole world – through Leah’s family.

What does that mean?

If you read through the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew you’ll see that Jesus came from the line of Judah. Who was Judah? He was one of Leah’s sons.

God DID use her family to save the world.

He had a very important job for her, and he has a very important job for you too, friend.

If you feel ugly, unloved or unwanted know that He sees you, loves you and wants to use you.

May this speak deep into your heart and let you know how much you’re loved!

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