Do you have a hard time saying I love you? These three simple words can have huge meaning and impact on the lives of others, but if we keep them to ourselves they’ll never make a difference. I’m not here to beat you up if you have a hard time saying I love you. I want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and start making a huge impact on those around you!

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Why do some of us have a hard time saying I love you?

For many of us, we didn’t hear these words growing up. It was normal for our parents to tuck us in bed at night without saying I love you. When we headed off to college or on our own, we knew our parents loved us, even though they didn’t tell us very often.

For others, we may be a bit standoffish to say I love you because we’re afraid of being hurt. Perhaps if we tell someone we love them first, then there’s a chance that they won’t say it back.

Let’s face it, there are a ton of reasons why we have a hard time saying I love you! But that’s not really the point here. Yes, it’s important to analyze our situations, but I want to encourage you to move past analyzing and take action. Someone in your life needs to know that you love them. And not just know it, they need to hear it!


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So what’s my action step if you have a hard time saying I love you?

It’s time to be bold and brave and just start, friend!

The hardest part of doing something new is taking that very first step. It will be hard. It will be awkward. But it won’t get any easier unless and until you start. I promise that once you start you will be so proud of yourself.

Here are three easy ways to start saying I love you:

  • The next time you squeeze someone’s neck, tell them you love them.
  • As you’re waiving goodbye to your elderly parent or friend after a wonderful visit, tell them you love them.
  • And that young child in your life, they desperately need to hear that you love them…whisper it in their ear.

These three words are powerful so I don’t want you to start throwing them around flippantly. Be intentional when you say I love you.

We all want to be loved and no matter our age, we all need to hear the words I love you!

Who do you need to say I love you to today?


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