Do you feel empty inside…like you’ve drained yourself dry and have nothing left to give? These self care tips will help you begin to fill yourself back up and be the best YOU possible!

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The feeling of emptiness is a hopeless feeling. I know because I’ve been there. The good news is I’ve learned how to not stay there…and I want the same for you.

But before we talk about how you can fill yourself back up when you feel empty, let’s talk about why you feel this way!

Why do I feel empty inside?

Of all the things I’m going to share today figuring out why you feel empty will be the most important.

Why is this so important?

When you know what causes you to feel empty inside you can go on the offense and take steps to combat those feelings before you become totally drained.

Now there are naturally times when you’ll feel emptier than others but when you feel extremely empty to the point of not wanting to get out of bed or do anything that’s not a healthy place to stay.

Take some time to reflect on the times that you’ve felt completely drained and empty. 

What changes can you make to keep from getting to that place?

Do you need to ask for help or remove some things from your calendar?

Girlfriend, whatever it takes I want to encourage you to do this for yourself so that you can be the best YOU possible!

Try These Self-Care Tips When You Feel Empty Inside

When you start to feel completely drained I want you to use these self-care tips to fill yourself back up. These simple tips have helped me through the years when I’ve felt empty inside, and I know they can help you too!

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1. Take a social media break

I used to scroll through Facebook a lot. But I noticed that there were people that I was following that I started comparing myself to. I would look at people and wish I had what they had or wonder why I couldn’t reach the business goals as quickly as someone else did.

So I took a step back and a much needed break.

The truth is, nowadays I rarely scroll through my personal Facebook feed. I’ve found myself so much healthier with this permanent break…and I honestly don’t even miss it!

Now, I’m not asking you to permanently get off of social media. What I am asking you to do is to take a half day, week or even a month long break. I dare you to try it and see how your life is changed!

Is it time to unfollow/unfriend?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when trying to figure out if you need to unfollow/unfriend someone:

  • Who are the Debbie Downers (negative people) that don’t lift me up and give me joy? (If their feed constantly annoys you it’s time to say goodbye.)
  • What celebrities, fitness friends, entrepreneurs have I started constantly comparing myself to?

Unfollowing or unfriending someone doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It means you’re taking steps to become healthier.

Along with taking a break from social media, I want you to go through your feed and friends list and take a serious look at who you need to unfollow or unfriend. If they’re not lifting you up they’re dragging you down.

2. Get lost in a great book, movie or show

Yes, I literally mean get lost in a book, movie or show!

I actually do this myself and I can tell you that it’s very refreshing. It helps get my mind off of my own problems and I feel like I’m “getting away” if only for a little bit.

There’s always a fun show or movie on Netflix that is on my list to watch. Or you can also search Youtube for “full Hallmark movies.” 

Not sure what books to start with? I’ve put together a list of must-read Christian fiction book series that will keep you busy for a while.

white bathtub with towel hanging over the side

3. Take a bubble bath

Yes, I know this one is super simple. But I don’t want you to take just any bubble bath…I want you to pull out all the stops.

Get out candles and your favorite music that will help you relax.

Sit in silence and read a book while you’re soaking in the tub.

Listen to an audiobook and sip on your favorite beverage.

Or maybe laying in the ambience of the candles is more your style.

There are so many ways to relax.

Maybe, just maybe, you need to make bubble baths a once-a-week thing!

(If bubble baths aren’t your thing then I want to encourage you to take a hot shower. There’s something very healing about standing under the hot water as it’s coming down on your body.)

4. Journal your feelings

Whether it’s journaling about everyday life or a difficult situation you’re walking through, I’ve found that journaling can be so life giving.

Read all about how journaling can help with healing here!

5. Do something for YOU

When I encourage you to do something for yourself I’m not asking you to take a luxury vacation or have an all out shopping spree at the mall. 

What I am asking you to do is dig deep into your heart and figure out what you enjoy. 

What brings you life?

Honestly, that’s going to look different for everyone. The things I enjoy may sound totally lame to you and vice versa.

But, do you know what? It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. As long as you enjoy it, that’s all that matters.

I’m going to throw out a few ideas that will hopefully get your mind moving and get you thinking about something you enjoy or would like to do. (Personally, I like things that help get my mind off of my own situation.)

  • Puzzles (there are tons on Amazon but my favorite place to get them is Dollar Tree)
  • Take a walk/hike/ride a bike
  • Get your favorite coffee/tea and take a few minutes to “just be”
  • Craft (diamond painting, sewing, make jewelry, etc – these sticker by number books are my favorite!)
  • Have lunch with a friend
  • Bake
  • Work your favorite brain games (Rubix cube or Kanoodle)
  • Take a nap
  • Read a good book
  • Nothing (absolutely nothing)
  • Go see a movie
  • Color (there are some beautiful adult coloring books)

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6. Be still

I cannot tell you how hard it is to just sit and be still. I tried to do this a few weeks ago and started thinking about all.the.things. I’d grab my phone only to remind myself I was supposed to be sitting still.

If you don’t believe me when I say it’s hard, set a timer for 5 minutes and try it for yourself.

We live in such a fast-paced society that we need to get back to the roots of being still where we don’t constantly have noise, music or something in front of our faces. (My hand is raised because I’m guilty of this myself.)

So I encourage you to be still and sit quietly. No music. No phone. No anything. And if at all possible, take this time away from your family and friends even if just for a few minutes.

It sounds so simple but I’m here to tell you that it’s life giving!

(Also, you might just be amazed how much easier it is to hear the Lord speaking to your heart when you’re quiet.)

7. Find a spare room

There have been quite a few times when I’ve had to find a spare room for myself. I’ve called my mom who has a beautiful spare room and asked if hers was available for me to use.

The hopelessness of feeling empty inside and being completely drained had come and I needed a little getaway from my husband and son – away from everything.

Those 24 hours spent in my mom’s spare room were magical for this introverted girl and the best thing I could have done for myself.

I watched movies, slept in, and simply chilled on the couch.

When I left her house the empty feeling was gone because I’d filled myself back up.

bed with white bedding and night stand

Who has a spare room that you can use?

I want you to find a friend or family member who has a spare room that you can crash in. If that doesn’t work out find someone that has a cabin or even book a hotel room. Find something to get out of your normal!

Why someone else’s spare room?

When you’re at your own house you’ll constantly be thinking about all of the stuff that needs to be done. That, my friend, is not relaxing.

But when you’re away your brain doesn’t race as much thinking about this and that which will allow you to “just be” and relax.

I encourage you to get out your calendar and find a free time so that you can call a friend and schedule her spare room for 24-48 hours to begin filling yourself back up.

8. Share with someone

When you feel empty inside sometimes the last thing you want to do is open up to someone about the way you’re feeling. But I’m here to tell you that freedom is on the other side of sharing. 

If your friends don’t know what you’re going through how will they be able to encourage you, pray for you and come alongside and walk through the tough time with you. 

Which trusted friend can you open up to and share with today?

But I don’t have anyone to share with!

If you don’t a trusted friend to share with you’re not off the hook. You can still share with a counselor or therapist.

Don’t follow the stigma that there’s something wrong with you if you talk to a counselor. I recommend that everyone talk to a counselor. I did years ago and it was the best thing I could have done for myself.

Counselors are there to help guide us when we feel stuck. 

Not sure where to start on finding a therapist? Call your church office. They’d love to help!

How can you begin filling yourself back up?

Look back over the list and see which one speaks the most to your heart. It’s highly likely that you need to start there first.

You can do this friend. I’m cheering you on!

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