These daily Bible devotions for kids are a fun and easy way to encourage your child to dive into the Word and start reading the Bible!

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If your heart’s desire is to help your child to start reading the Bible then you’ve come to the right place!

Below are devotions specific to boys or girls, and some are designed for everyone. From toddler to pre-teen, you’ll find something for every age.

To help you better navigate this list, it’s arranged from toddler to pre-teen. (The younger your child is the higher on the list a devotional will be for them. If you have a pre-teen looking for a devotional the options for them are closer to the bottom of the list.)

What are devotions for kids?

Daily devotions are a fun and easy way for kids to learn more about God and the Bible with words and phrases they’ll understand.

Whether they read their devotion in the morning or night, this simple act sets them up for success in their day-to-day life.

The truths they’ll learn from the Word will equip them with different circumstances they’ll face with friends, at school, and even at home.

Encouraging your kids to take a few minutes each day to read a devotion will help them grow in their faith walk and deepen their relationship with the Lord!

I look forward to hearing which one of these devotions your kiddo falls in love with.

35+ The Best Devotionals for Kids

book cover of two kids sitting at a table with older woman

My Grandma and Me: Rhyming Devotions for You and Your Grandchild by Crystal Bowman and Katherine Kirkland

Reading Age: Baby – 5

Devotion Description: My Grandma and Me is the book every grandmother wants to share with her toddler-age grandchildren. Each devotion includes a scripture, a rhyme explaining the theme of the verse, and an interactive song or prayer. In addition to the fun yet faith-filled words, children will enjoy the sweet full-color art throughout the book that has a nostalgic tone for Grandma.

The book closes with additional scriptures grandma can use to pass along her faith: the Lord’s Prayer, Ten Commandments, 23rd Psalm, Beatitudes, and a special prayer for her grandchildren. This delightful book will not only become Grandmother’s favorite, but it will leave a lasting and important impression on the faith development of many toddlers.

The introduction of the book also gives grandmothers who are far-away from their grandkids tips on using the book via phone or Skype.

The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers by Crystal Bowman

Reading Age: 2-4

Devotion Description: Your preschooler will join Kaitlyn, Zoe, Parker, and Jack―and together they will learn to walk with God in everything they do.

A full year of easy-to-understand devotions, paired with adorable Little Blessings illustrations, will help your preschooler know and love Jesus each day of the year.

Gotta Have God: Fun Devotions for Boys by Lynn Ittner Klammer

Reading Age: 2-5

Devotion Description: Lead your little boy to a lifelong commitment to Christ with Gotta Have God. A devotional just for preschool boys, Gotta Have God includes over 100 fun readings and activities you can share with your son. Touching on topics from love to fear, every devotion will help your preschooler gain a better understanding of Christ’s work in his life.

book cover with two little girls dressed as princesses

The One Year My Princess Devotions: Preschool Edition by Karen Whiting

Reading Age: 3-5

Devotion Description: Princesses are a big attraction for most girls, especially preschoolers and early readers. The One Year My Princess Devotions is written for early readers and preschoolers. Each devotion sheds light on how the reader is a princess―a daughter of God, the King. The devotions also emphasize how little princesses should respond to being God’s children.

Each devotion includes Royal Words (the Bible verse), Princess Thoughts (a short devotion written for early readers), a Prayer, and a Princess in Action section (an activity related to the devotion). The devotions are thematic according to the calendar. For example, January features creation and February highlights love.

Little Princesses will look forward to learning more about their King each day.

my little devious for boys

My Little Devos for Boys: 365 Devotions by Dayspring

Reading Age: 4-8

Reading Grade Level: Kindergarten – 2nd

Devotion Description:Each daily devotion is a short page a day providing a bible verse, a simple devotional thought just for them and a quote or ”Remember This” tip with simple biblical principles he can apply to his everyday life and relationships.

It’s perfect for busy boys on the go. Plus, its compact 5 x 7 inch size makes it easy to slip in his backpack or take it with you so you can share a little God time wherever life leads you.

three boys sitting around a campfire at night

Bedtime Blessings and Prayers for Brave Boys: Read-Aloud Devotions by Glenn Hascall and compiled by Barbour Staff

Reading Age: 5-8

Reading Grade Level: Kindergarten – 2nd

Devotion Description: Your brave boys ages 5 and up will delight in these bedtime devotions and prayers created especially for their impressionable young hearts. Touching on topics important to them, boys will encounter dozens of just-right-sized readings that will both comfort and inspire. . .the perfect way to wind down at the end of a busy day.

Every turn of the page features bright, colorful illustration alongside easy-to-understand scripture and Bible truths that will help build a strong faith foundation for life! 

little girls dressed as princesses playing with a cat and dog

101 Devotions for His Princesses by Carolyn Larsen

Reading Age: 5-8

Reading Grade Level: Kindergarten – 2nd

Devotion Description: 101 Devotions for His Princesses presents 101easy-to-read devotions and explanations of how God’s word applies to a young girl’s everyday life. The author, Carolyn Larsen, has topically arranged the contents to provide easy reference to issues young girls face.

The figures, Holly & Hope, share in the exploration of God’s love with your young reader. The padded front hardcover volume has glittery silver foil cover accents. Inside, you will find an attached ribbon page marker and a presentation page for gift-giving.

Dinosaur Devotions by Michelle Medlock Adams

Reading Age: 5-10

Reading Grade Level: 3rd-4th

Devotion Description: These 75 devotions include segments like Dino Stats, Bible Excavation, Digging Deeper, Did You Know?, and Jurassic Journaling. Dinosaur Devotions blends fun dinosaur facts with a deeper understanding of God’s Word, making your child’s faith journey an extra fun adventure!

boy climbing a wall

Gotta Have God: Cool Devotions for Boys by Diane Cory

Reading Age: 6-9

Reading Grade Level: 1st – 2nd

Devotion Description: Volume 1 features over 100 devotions, Bible activities, challenging puzzles, mind-bending mazes, and more! 

Hey, guys, did you know that God wants to be your friend? And this boys devotions can help you learn more about Him and how awesome he is. Learning to live God’s way isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it.

As you read each boys devotion you will find out about God and how to follow him. It covers some cool guys from the Bible, including Abraham, Noah, Reuben, Moses, Joshua, David, Samuel, Solomon, Gideon, and more!

Each devotion ends with an activity that will help you grow closer to God.

bible characters surrounding a large sword

Heroes of the Bible Devotional: 90 Devotions to Help You Become a Hero of God! by Joshua Cooley

Reading Age: 6-11

Reading Grade Level: 1st – 2nd

Devotion Description: Ask any 12-year-old kid to describe a hero, and you will get some of the following answers: a superstar athlete, a soldier on the front lines, or a guy in a cape who can jump over buildings.

Most of our “heroes” are related to human achievement and glory, but the Bible has a very different concept. The list of people who were great in God’s eyes might shock you. This devotional book is about their stories.

The 90 devotions feature the qualities of Bible characters that made them heroic. From Moses to Esther to Jesus, kids will learn more about how these Bible people pleased God. They will know that qualities like courage, worshiping God, and being a true friend are heroic actions. The devotional features line drawings of the Bible characters to further help youth identify with and learn about the people in the Bible.

waterfall with trees around it

God Is in Nature!: A Kids Devotional About His Awesome Creations by Jessica Doebler

Reading Age: 6-9

Reading Grade Level: 1st – 4th

Devotion Description: In this exciting and inspiring kids devotional, children will learn firsthand about God’s fascinating world and amazing creations. From reading God’s words in the Bible to getting outside and being captivated by the highest mountain and the tiniest fish, kids ages 6−10 will connect with God in fun and engaging ways.
The Bible tells us about the story of creation and the amazing things that God can do. From rainbows and waterfalls to deserts and a starry night, God’s miracles surround us, and they are undoubtedly awesome and cool.

happy kids sitting around Jesus

Our Daily Bread for Kids: 365 Meaningful Moments with God by Crystal Bowman

Reading Age: 6-10

Reading Grade Level: 1st – 5th

Devotion Description: If you’re looking for ways to help your child or grandchild learn and grow spiritually without being too preachy, too boring, or too demanding, look no further. Inside this devotional you’ll find the life-changing wisdom of the Bible expressed in a kid-friendly format paired with fun illustrations.

There are short and engaging devotions, easy-to-remember Bible verses, and exciting facts that encourage children to spend time with God and apply the truths of His Word to their everyday lives.

planet earth with kids on top of it

How Great Is Our God: 100 Indescribable Devotions About God and Science by Louie Giglio

Reading Age: 6-10

Reading Grade Level: 1st – 5th

Devotion Description: Invite children to embark on a journey to discover more about God and His incredible creation. This devotional includes amazing scientific facts, beautiful photography, and fun illustrations, and covers numerous topics:

  • Space and time
  • Earth and weather
  • The human body
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • And more!

horse running through a field with the sun setting behind it

Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing: 101 Devotions about God’s Great Love for You by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Jago

Reading Age: 6-10

Grade Level: 3rd – 7th

Devotion Description: This gorgeous and innovative collection of 101 simple-yet-profound thoughts on faith, turns the reader’s eyes toward the God who loves them with a Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love. Now with a more vibrant cover and interior illustrations.

Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing shares profound spiritual truths from the Bible in a conversational tone—drawing insights from creation, history, and science.

you can count on god devotional for kids

You Can Count on God: 100 Devotions for Kids by Max Lucado

Reading Age: 6-10

Reading Grade Level: 3rd – 4th

Devotion Description: You Can Count on God teaches children that they can count on God because He will never leave them, and will love them unconditionally. Each of the 100 entries

  • includes a comforting Bible verse and a short devotion that show an example of God’s faithfulness
  • presents the message that God is trustworthy in a way that children, ages 6 to 10, can understand
  • reassures kids that God can help them with their challenges, sorrows, and questions
  • offers a takeaway section with a key point, reflection question, or prayer to guide kids in understanding and applying the biblical truth
  • is perfect for families to read together or for older readers to enjoy alone

Twists & Turns Devotional by Rhonda VanCleave

Reading Age: 6-10

Reading Grade Level: 1st – 6th

Devotion Description: Follow God through every twist and turn!
Sudden sadness, confusing fear, surprising joy. Kids’ lives are full of the unexpected. This devotional reminds kids that they aren’t alone in all the twists and turns life brings.

Through these one hundred short devotions, readers will travel the winding roads of the apostle Peter’s life and ministry. They will hear stories of kids who, like them, are navigating questions about the Bible, sibling relationships, friendships, and more. Games, activities, and prayer prompts also encourage readers to take charge of their personal relationship with God. Peter had to learn that Jesus was with him always, and this devotional will help kids do the same as they learn to trust God through every twist and turn.

roaring lion

Roar Like a Lion: 90 Devotions to a Courageous Faith by Levi Lusko and Tama Fortner

Reading Age: 6-10

Reading Grade Level: 1st – 5th

Devotion Description: Roar Like A Lion tackles real issues our kids face with a lighthearted and approachable tone. Kids are equipped to approach both fun moments and tough times with their hearts set on God’s faithfulness with the help of fascinating stories and facts, eye-catching art, Bible verses, prayers, and simple action steps. 

This 90-day devotional covers highly relevant topics such as: 

  • facing fears about school and friendships 
  • having courage to try something new 
  • handling new challenges, past disappointments, and grief 
  • dealing with peer pressure and bullying 
  • understanding how we each fit into God’s great story 

As a parent and pastor, Levi is able to address real-life situations with compassion, grace, and biblical authenticity. Roar Like a Lion is a great way to spark discussion with your kids on meaningful topics and get them in the habit of reading a biblically-based devotional. 

Offering practical approaches to faith in everyday life, Roar Like a Lion will inspire your kids to nurture their personal faith in a God strong enough to protect and guide them as they run toward the roar during the challenges in their lives. 

doodles of crosses, question mark, clouds

Doodle Devotions for Kids by Nancy Taylor

Reading Age: 6-12

Reading Grade Level: 1st – 6th

Devotion Description: A great way to get kids to dig deeper into their Bibles is to have them interact with its stories and lessons. Doodle Devotions for Kids helps children do that through its 60 devotions accompanied by doodling activities.

This collection of devos goes through the entire Bible while encouraging kids to respond in their own creative ways. Do as the author says, “Write all over this book!”

book cover with wording 52 week devotional for boys

52-Week Devotional for Boys: Prayers for Growth and Inspiration by Lord Badu

Reading Age: 8-10

Reading Grade Level: 2nd – 3rd

Devotion Description: This engaging 52-week boys’ devotional explores inspiring passages from the Bible, showing boys how God’s wisdom can help and support them as they grow. Spending a little time with His Word every week will help give boys the confidence to tackle anything―because they’ll know God is cheering them on!

hanging hearts

You’re God’s Girl!: A Devotional for Tweens by Wynter Pitts

Reading Age: 8-11

Reading Grade Level: 2nd – 6th

Devotion Description: Who is the real you? You might be surprised to find out it’s not who others say you are and it’s not even who you might think you are. Only God knows and He wants to show you!

Daily devotions written directly to your heart will help you discover God’s truth—who He made you to be, how unique and special you are, and how you fit into your world.

There’s nothing more gorgeous than walking hand in hand with God, modeling kindness, obedience, and faithfulness. And there’s no more awesome way to start your day than with God’s power-packed promises.

Do you want to be an original in a world full of followers? Then get ready to have your best day ever! See yourself through God’s eyes and allow His truth to make a difference in your life. The real you, the true you, is amazing!

devotion cover with man on a ladder painting a sign

90 Devotions for Kids by Adventures in Odyssey

Reading Age: 8-12

Reading Grade Level: 3rd – 4th

Devotion Description: Written by the Adventures in Odyssey team, 90 Devotions for Kids provides fun, Bible-based devotions for families and will encourage children to spend time learning more about God. There are no better mentors than Whit and the folks from Odyssey to partner with parents as they teach their children about God’s Word and make the truths of the Bible accessible to their kids.

Each week has an individual theme and will include an overview to introduce the theme, seven devotions that reference AIO dramas, and an activity, puzzle, or game to reinforce the core biblical truths taught during the week. Parents will find the tools they need to help start children on a path toward regular time alone with God, and families will be encouraged to spend time together as they share the daily readings.

devotional with flower cover

100 Daily Acts of Friendship for Girls: A Devotional by Kendra Roehl

Reading Age: 8-12

Reading Grade Level: 3rd – 4th

Devotion Description: God designed us to be in relationship with others. When handled well, friendship among girls can be one of the most valuable and rewarding parts of their lives, laying the foundation for healthy friendships as adults.

These early interactions shape the way girls view themselves and others and will continue to influence them throughout their lives, positively or negatively. The devotions in 100 Daily Acts of Friendship for Girls will allow girls to explore the rewards and challenges of building quality friendships both now and in the future.

Also included are 50 sidebars with activities that provide practical ideas for creating and sustaining strong friendships.

The Chosen for Kids by Amanda Jenkins, Tara McClary Reeves and Kristen Hendricks

Reading Age: 8-12

Reading Grade Level: 3rd – 4th

Devotion Description: You’re never too old or too young to study God’s Word!
Whether you are 8, 12, or any of the years in between, this book will help you discover the joy, peace, and wonder found only in a forever friendship with Him.
Each of the forty devotions includes a Scripture, a closer look into a Gospel story, prayer time, and questions that lead you further in your relationship with God.

crowd of people dancing with one person jumping in the air

The One Year Book of Devotions for Girls by Children’s Bible Hour and Tyndale

Reading Age: 8-12

Reading Grade Level: 3rd – 6th

Devotion Description: The One Year Book of Devotions for Kids #1-3 has a variety of themes relevant to today’s elementary school-age girls. It will encourage and challenge them to personalize lessons from Scripture. 


  • 365 daily devotionals
  • Bible passages to set up each day’s theme
  • A contemporary story to apply each passage to today’s girls
  • Daily memory verse
  • “Key” for each devotional summarizing the application
  • Complete topic, Scripture reading, and memory verse indexes

three boys with folded arms

No Girls Allowed: Devotions for Boys by Jace O’Neal

Reading Age: 8-12

Reading Grade Level: 3rd – 6th

Devotion Description: No Girls Allowed Devotions for Boys devotionals include a story related to a scripture theme, a game/activity, a list of things to do, and quotes from people and the Bible that reinforce the theme. Each of the 60 devotions is 4 pages long (2 complete spreads) and includes original single-color art that will attract and engage boys ages 8-12. The illustrations are more like cartoons―each has a caption that relates to the theme.

Some of the themes addressed include bullying, being a good winner, generosity, church participation, worship, and creation. The devotions use a wide range of examples. The author uses original stories, but he also uses things familiar to boys (G.I. Joe, Transformers, sports figures, superheroes, comics, video games, etc.) to illustrate his point.

three kids singing

Fun & Active Devotions for Kids by Lightwave and Livingstone

Reading Age: 8-12

Grade Level: 3rd – 6th

Devotion Description: The One Year Book of Fun & Active Devotions for Kids contains 365 devotionals for families, each beginning with a real question asked by a real kid. Questions are followed by a Bible verse and an answer. Based on the eight books in the Questions Children Ask series.

blue bird standing on a green leaf

Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions For Kids by Sarah Young

Reading Age: 8-12

Grade Level: 3rd – 6th

Devotion Description: Devotions written as if Jesus is speaking directly to a child’s heart.

Based on her original Jesus Calling, this version has been adapted in a language and fashion that kids and tweens can relate to their everyday lives. 

After many years of writing in her prayer journal, missionary Sarah Young decided to listen to God with pen in hand, writing down what she believed He was saying to her through Scripture. Others were blessed as she shared her writings, until people all over the world were using her devotionals. 

These devotionals are written from Jesus’ point of view, thus the title Jesus Calling.  It is Sarah’s fervent prayer that our Savior may bless readers, and now young readers, with His presence and His peace in ever deeper measure.

the word boys spelled with ball backgrounds

The One Year Book of Devotions for Boys by Tyndale and Children’s Bible Hour

Reading Age: 8-12

Grade Level: 3rd – 6th

Devotion Description: Help boys learn about God the true, easy, and fun way. Every day’s devo includes a short story, a Bible verse to memorize, and a “How about You?” section to engage boys in their faith.

  • 365 daily devotional readings
  • Bible passages introduce each day’s theme
  • Contemporary stories for application
  • Daily memory verses

unseen the prince warrior devotional

Unseen: The Prince Warriors 365 Devotional by Priscilla Shirer

Reading Age: 8-12

Grade Level: 3rd – 7th

Devotion Description: These 365 devotions from New York Times best-selling author Priscilla Shirer will give middle-grade readers daily power from God’s Word and grow them into warriors who use their spiritual armor daily.

Each day’s strategy session is divided up into two sections: Reconnaissance (Recon) and Actionable Intelligence (Actionable Intel) to help readers recognize the enemy, build their defenses, and claim the victory God has planned for them.

The One Year Devos for Animal Lovers: Cool Things Animals Show Us About Our Creator by Dandi Daley Mackall

Reading Age: 8-12

Reading Grade Level: 3rd – 6th

Devotion Description: Dandi Daley Mackall is an avid animal lover and best-selling writer who clearly has a gift for sharing animal stories in a unique and interesting style. Her gift comes through once again in this One Year devotion that uses animals to point to spiritual truths.

Each devotion begins with a fun or interesting fact about an animal; this fact then introduces a concept of life and godliness that is reinforced by a scripture verse. The devotion concludes with an activity to do that day that relates to the devotion; there is also a sidebar with more fun/interesting facts.

The animals used in this devotion range from the beloved and familiar (such as horses and dogs) to the extraordinary and unfamiliar (such as the kookaburra and the Pompeii worm).

kid dressed as a cowboy chasing an angry pig

Devotions for Super Average Kids by Bob Smiley

Reading Age: 8-12

Grade Level: 4th-6th

Devotion Description: These thirty fun-filled devotional readings for kids will encourage them to tell others about Jesus. Boys and girls alike will be inspired through the antics and adventures of “Average Boy,” who is Super Average when it comes to loving God and showing others how to do the same!

Addressing real-life situations, the lessons cover topics like making friends, dealing with backstabbing classmates, getting along with parents and siblings, understanding your changing body, and most importantly, growing your relationship with God.

flowers and leaves surrounding the words 52 week devotional for girls

52-Week Devotional for Girls: Prayers for Growth and Inspiration by Jaseña S’vani

Reading Age: 8-12

Grade Level: 4th – 6th

Devotion Description: This engaging 52-week girls’ devotional explores inspiring passages from the Bible, showing preteens how God’s wisdom can help and support them as they grow. Spending a little time with His Word every week will help give them the confidence to tackle anything―because God is cheering them on! 

Discover a preteen girls’ devotional that’s full of: 

  • Real issues―Girls will find God’s guidance for dealing with worries, loving who they see in the mirror, keeping faith strong, and more in this girls’ devotional.
  • Weekly Scripture―Each devotion features a Bible passage, stories and commentary that explain the theme, a little space to journal, and a prayer.
  • Off-the-page ideas―This girls’ devotional includes weekly ideas they can put into action, like encouraging girls to have heartfelt conversations with family.

Help girls grow into the smart and beautiful woman God created them to be with this inspiring girls’ devotional!

100 days to brave for kids

100 Days to Brave for Kids: Devotions for Overcoming Fear and Finding Your Courage by Annie F. Downs

Reading Age: 8-12

Grade Level: 4th – 6th

Devotion Description: 100 Days to Brave for Kids is your kids’ guide to help them conquer their fears and find their courage. With 100 days of biblically-based devotions and thoughtful advice, they will discover: 

  • How to be the best version of themselves they can be 
  • How to defeat fear so it doesn’t hold them back 
  • Their unique gifts and how to create daily habits that will help them face any circumstance  

This devotional is complete with Scripture, journaling space, practical teaching, and encouragement.

boy breakdancing

The One Year Devotions for Active Boys by Jesse Florea and Karen Whiting

Reading Age: 8-12

Grade Level: 4th – 6th

Devotion Description: This fun devotional includes 365 upbeat devotions, each with a special twist or dose of humor to keep active boys engaged. The devotions combine Scripture and a spiritual message with jokes, riddles, puzzles, and hands-on activities to engage tween boys.

The devotions help boys find how real people interacted with God and help them discover solutions to contemporary issues. Each devotion will help guide a young man in developing a lifetime habit of learning from the Bible.

Themes include how to navigate the Bible, make good choices, discern God’s will, use good and uplifiting language, avoid temptation, choose good friends, trust God, etc.

flashlight with the words the case for christ devotions for kids in the spotlight

The Case for Christ Devotions for Kids: 365 Days with Jesus by Lee Strobel

Reading Age: 8-12

Grade Level: 4th – 6th

Devotion Description: Become an expert witness for Jesus! For kids who want to learn more about Christianity or simply have questions about the Bible, this devotional helps young readers understand why Jesus’s ministry and miracles are true and why we can confidently believe in Jesus today.

The Case for Christ Devotions for Kids:

  • Includes 365 days of devotions for kids that use kid-friendly language, engaging illustrations, and clear examples to help kids understand faith and the proven truths that support Christianity
  • Mixes inspirational prose with facts, research, and true stories

two boys causing trouble in classroom

Sticky Situations: 365 Devotions for Kids and Families by Betsy Schmitt

Reading Age: 8-12

Grade Level: 4th – 6th

Devotion Description: Sticky Situations offers short readings for each day of the year. Each reading begins with a kid who is facing a moral dilemma and ends with multiple-choice solutions for the family to discuss. Often there is more than one acceptable course of action to take.

Parents will find tips in the back of the book that interpret the various choices made by the children and offer follow-up questions for further discussion on each topic. Scripture references are provided to give biblical insight into each situation. 

Sticky Situations is a great discussion starter that will give parents the chance to share their own values with their children.

scenes of bible characters

The Action Bible Devotional: 52 Weeks of God-Inspired Adventure by Jeremy Jones

Reading Age: 8-13

Grade Level: 4th – 6th

Devotion Description: Covering themes such as friendship, temptation, sibling rivalry, self-esteem, and materialism, The Action Bible Devotional offers a year’s worth of activities, questions, and ideas that will keep young readers engaged with the Bible every day. 

Looking for adventure? With eye-popping comic illustrations and a week’s worth of activities for each Bible story, this one-year devotional gives you real-life ways to meet with God and live out his spiritual adventure every day.

Every week’s story includes:

  • Key Verse- a highlight from the story you just read
  • X-Ray Vision- thoughts to connect the story with your life
  • Your Mission- three ideas to put the themes into action
  • Your Debrief-three questions to spark some brain cells
  • Mission Accomplished-your place to make notes

It’s all about faith in action as you dive into life knowing God is with you. So get ready to read, draw, doodle, create, pray, and discover. The adventure awaits!

flowers and butterflies

A Little God Time for Girls: 365 Daily Devotions by Broadstreet Publishing Group, LLC

Reading Age: 9-12

Grade Level: 3rd – 6th

Devotion Description: Be encouraged with truth and flooded with joy as you spend time with God, reflecting on these devotions, scriptures, and prayers. Let him show you that you are beautiful, you are loved, and you were created with a purpose. There is no one quite like you, and he is delighted to call you his daughter. 

Let this devotional speak directly to your heart and provide you with godly wisdom and insight for life’s daily choices. As you read through these engaging devotions, you will learn how to make God a priority, find and develop healthy friendships, talk to your parents, live with a heart of thankfulness, and act with gentleness and grace towards others. 

Be encouraged as you discover just how special you are to God! He loves being with you, and he gives you everything you need to get through each day. Let God’s everlasting promises strengthen your heart, mind, and spirit as you spend a little time with him. 

kids swinging, reading, painting, and singing

I Am Rooted!: Growing Biblical Roots in Kids Through Devotional and Gratitude Journaling by Amanda Lee

Reading Age: 9-12

Reading Grade Level: 3rd – 6th

Devotion Description: If you are looking for a way to help your son or daughter develop a solid devotional life and a heart of thankfulness, look no further! I Am Rooted! covers 3 foundational truths: God Loves, God Helps, God Guides. I Am Rooted! will result in strong, rooted kids who are anchored in Jesus and who overflow with thankfulness! (Colossians 2:7).

Inside this devotional and gratitude journal you will find:

  • Interactive daily devotions
  • Fun doodle and journal prompts
  • Daily mood trackers
  • 3 monthly mood trackers
  • Daily thankfulness prompts
  • Daily prayer prompts
  • Scripture writing challenges
  • Weekly parent/child discussion questions

In this daily devotional journal your kid will go DEEPER in God’s word by also journaling and doodling what they are learning – making it easier for your kid to remember it and easier for your kid to enjoy what they are learning!

Sports Shorts: 52 Stories of Faith from All-Star Believers by Del DuDuit

Reading Age: 9-14

Reading Grade Level: 3rd – 7th

Devotion Description: Kids and sports fans of all ages always look up to their favorite player. It doesn’t matter if they can throw a ball 100 mph, hit a grand slam, or catch a winning touchdown pass—athletes have a big impact on their fans. But what’s more important than a players’ stats and likeability is that they show a godly example both on and off the playing field.

In Sports Shorts, you’ll get an inside look at what motivates a Christian all-star player. You will find out that they have problems just like you. But they also know where to find strength when they are tested.Professional athletes can serve God and be happy even when life throws them a curveball and so can you.

Sports Shorts will show you wonderful examples of all-star, major league Christian football and baseball players at their best so you can be inspired to be your best.

strong in spirit devotions for preteen boys

Strong in Spirit: 5-Minute Devotions for Preteen Boys by David S. Winston and Niki Winston

Reading Age: 10-12

Grade Level: 4th – 6th

Devotion Description: Ask any 12-year-old kid to describe a hero, and you will get some of the following answers: a superstar athlete, a soldier on the front lines, or a guy in a cape who can jump over buildings.

Most of our “heroes” are related to human achievement and glory, but the Bible has a very different concept. The list of people who were great in God’s eyes might shock you. This devotional book is about their stories.

The 90 devotions feature the qualities of Bible characters that made them heroic. From Moses to Esther to Jesus, kids will learn more about how these Bible people pleased God. They will know that qualities like courage, worshiping God, and being a true friend are heroic actions. The devotional features line drawings of the Bible characters to further help youth identify with and learn about the people in the Bible.

Mission Possible One Year Devotional for Young Readers by Tim Tebow

Reading Age: 10-17

Grade Level: 5th – 6th

Devotion Description: Life can be hard, and it’s tempting to settle for the path of comfort, ease, and conformity—just do as you’re told, be like everyone else, and lower your expectations.

But God has other plans for you! A future of meaning and purpose awaits, and Tim Tebow is ready to help you step into it.

If you’re ready to make your life count but aren’t sure where to start or how to keep going, Mission Possible Devotional for Young Readers will show you how to pursue your big dreams with God every day of the year!

Preteen Devotions for Girls: 52 Weeks of Encouraging Devotions & Scriptures for Tweens by Brittany Rust

Reading Age: 10-12

Grade Level: 5th – 9th

Devotion Description: The preteen years can be complicated, and this conversational devotional helps girls find their voice and inner strength through God’s love and light.

Brittany Rust, an experienced Bible teacher with a passion for helping teens know God and His Word, discusses and interprets Scripture in a way that makes it easy for kids to understand and speaks to everyday preteen concerns, like friends and cliques, self-esteem, privacy, social media, and crushes.

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