These short daily devotions for teens are a powerful way to allow the Lord to speak deep into your student’s heart. Your teenager will be encouraged and inspired with the truths from these devotionals as they read their Bible and grow in their faith walk with the Lord.

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When a teenager learns to have a daily quiet time with the Lord it will no doubt change the course of their days.

These devotions are short to keep their attention, have powerful truths that will apply to their day-to-day life and will encourage them to be the best student God has called them to be.

These devotions are perfect for both teen guys and girls.

15+ Powerful Devotions for Teenagers

5-Minute Devotions for Teens: A Guide to God and Mental Health by Laura L. Smith

5 Minute Devotions for Teens removes the stigma on mental health and advises Christian teens what they can do when they are depressed and anxious.

Scattered throughout the book are tips to help teens maintain good mental health practices such as meditation, disconnecting from social media and technology, saying affirmations, and much more. 

Each day includes a Scripture verse, short devotional, and a prayer or prompt.

Fearless Faith: 90 Devotions for Teens by Our Daily Bread

No time in life is more full of unanswered questions and undetermined paths than your high school career. Be empowered to live confidently and boldy with Fearless Faith: 90 Devotions for Teens.

This 90-day inspirational Christian devotional will help you face everyday issues with the courage found in a strong faith. In just about five minutes a day, learn more about yourself, more about relationships, and more about the God of the universe who knows you personally and loves you unconditionally.

#Truth by Josh McDowell

Inspire. . . Challenge. . .  Fuel Your Faith. This daily devotional from Josh McDowell unpacks spiritual truths that will inspire, challenge, and fuel your soul every day of the year–from January 1 to December 31.

Practical and relevant, each month of devotional readings shares a common theme— the truth. 365 Youth Devotions Connecting Life and Faith will lead you to understand the truths of God and how living them out is beneficial in your everyday life.

Conversations With Jesus – 365 Daily Devotions for Teens by Lisa Cheater

God never intended for us to journey through life alone or without direction, and Conversations with Jesus: 365 Daily Devotions for Teens is the perfect tool for every teen who desires to know more about Jesus and what the Bible says about any life situation.

Through a collection of encouraging, quick-read messages written in Jesus first-person voice, Conversations with Jesus helps teens turn religion into a real relationship with Christ. 

Each day, students ages 12-18 are guided toward a closer walk with their Savior through a full year of carefully selected scripture passages and relevant applications that are trustworthy, practical, and action-oriented. 

Every Bit of Who I Am: Devotions for Teens by James Schaap

In this exceptional devotional, James Calvin Schaap inspires high school students to examine their relationship to God and grow in their faith and understanding of Scripture.

This gifted storyteller reflects on identity in Christ, sin, salvation, grace, and service as he draws fresh, personal meaning for everyday life from catechism phrases and childhood lessons.

The book’s 250 short readings speak to teens in their own language. With stories, anecdotes, and personal examples, Schaap helps readers understand that every bit of who they are hinges on God and their response to him. Teens will find these meditations readable and challenging.

Alongside Jesus: Devotions for Teenagers by Drew Hill

Have you ever considered that Jesus could actually be walking alongside you? Like right now, in this very moment—even though you can’t see him. If you knew that for sure, how would it change your day? Your life?

Through a month of meditations, Drew Hill invites you to look for Jesus with the eyes of your heart and learn to hear his voice. As you encounter Jesus, you will begin to see yourself through his eyes.

Alongside Jesus uses a daily devotional format, and each chapter takes a look at a different truth about Jesus and invites you to establish an “Alongside Practice” that will help solidify this truth in your heart. These encounters with Jesus will help you see that Jesus is closer than anyone else could ever be.

The Jesus-Centered Life: 40 Devotions for Teenagers by Rick Lawrence, Kurt Johnston and Jeff A. Storm

For around 2,000 years, Jesus has been at the center of pretty much everything, and no one has had a bigger influence on daily lives than Jesus. Most of us think we have a pretty good idea of who Jesus is and what he did.

Sometimes the people we know the least are the people we’re around the most. Isn’t that weird?

We’re convinced that we really know them, because they’ve always been part of our lives. But we need to get reintroduced to them, because we don’t really know them as well as we think we do.

This highly interactive, 40-day teen devotional helps young adults take a fresh look at what they think they already know about Jesus, so they can grow in their love and friendship with him and live the life they didn’t know was possible.

Mission Possible One Year Devotional by Tim Tebow

Tim reveals how you can find your mission and take a step each day to reach your purpose and your best future.

Through 365 Bible-based readings, you’ll discover how to align your responsibilities, identify your priorities, elevate your convictions, make decisive, wise choices, fuel your drive and passion and set your sights on eternity.

The secret to a truly meaningful life doesn’t involve more comfort or ease. It requires a clear focus on who God made you to be and a proven guide to get you there. Tim is ready to help you live that mission-possible life.

One God, One Plan, One Life: A 365 Devotional by Max Lucado

With a focus on Christian faith, this devotional for teens helps them cut through life’s distractions and rely on the one thing that is truly important–a relationship with God. 

Each devotion includes:

  • An inspiring Bible verse
  • A simple but thought-provoking devotion
  • An application to help students put their trust in God and His plans

The One Year Alive Devotions for Students by Rick Christian

The One Year Alive Devotions for Students helps students focus on God’s Word with powerful, true-to-life illustrations from daily life in both high school and college settings.

In our media-saturated culture, in which students are bombarded with all types of distractions, The One Year Alive Devotions for Students will change how they think about God and their world.

The One Year Devotions for Teens: DEVOS by Susie Shellenberger

With so many pressures from friends, parents, and teachers sometimes it’s hard to know where to turn. Susie Shellenberger reveals the energy and purpose that can come with daily time in God’s Word.

Each day’s devotion includes a suggested Scripture reading, a devotional thought, application idea, and a short prayer. Get into God’s Word each day to keep going strong.

Engage 365: Connecting You with God’s Word (A One-Year Devotional Journal for Teens) by Alison Mitchell

A one-year reading plan with Engage Bible-reading notes, covering the overarching storyline of the Bible. Ideal for older teenagers.

Engage365 explores the beginning of the world (Genesis 1-11), of God’s chosen people (Genesis 12-50; Exodus 1-20), of God’s song book (Psalms 1-23), of the church (Acts), and of life as a Christian (Colossians); plus the life and ministry of Jesus (Luke), and the end of everything (Revelation).

A fun, engaging way for young people to dig deep into some key books of the Bible and learn how to handle, question and explore God’s word.

DoubtLess – Because Faith is Hard by Shelby Abbott

Is God good? Can I trust him with my life? Is the Bible true? These are just some of the questions that can plague young adults as they stand at the crossroads of life, when new responsibilities loom large and the world around them treats God as a small or irrelevant part of life.

In DoubtLess, Shelby Abbott comes alongside young Christians to help them honestly face their doubt and turn to God for the gift of faith. He reminds readers that biblical scripture recounts the stories of many men and women who have also faced deep misgivings and uncertainty in their walk of faith.

Using both Scripture and personal illustrations, Abbot shows us how to feed our faith in seasons of doubt through authentic relationships with other Christians, hearing from God in the Bible, and practicing thankfulness.

Doubt should not scare us, nor should it become our obsession. He urges readers to see the difference between doubt and unbelief, assuring us that big questions can press us deeper into the heart and character of God rather than push us away from him.

Set Apart – Teen Devotional: 30 Devotions about How God’s Goodness Changes Us by Lifeway Students

“There is only one who is good.” These are the words of Jesus. If there is only one who is good, what hope do we have?

Thankfully, our eternity doesn’t rest on our ability to be good, but on God’s. Because of His goodness, we can live.

So where does that leave us? In that spot where His goodness not only becomes our hope, but the thing we strive to model our lives after. In the end, it’s His goodness that changes us, both now and for eternity. 

Foundations – Teen Devotional: A 260-Day Bible Reading Plan for Busy Teens by Robby Gallaty

With Foundations: A 260-Day Bible Reading Plan for Busy Teens, students can read through all 66 books of the Bible in one year, while still having the flexibility of reading 5 days per week.

Along with supplementary devotional content each day, they can experience the miracle of reading and responding to the entirety of God’s Word.

By using the H.E.A.R. journaling method, students will be guided through Highlighting, Explaining, Applying, and Responding to passages, allowing for practical application throughout the year-long plan.

Girl Talk Guy Talk: Devotions for Teens by Jesse Florea and Karen Whiting

One of the most awkward things about growing up is learning to communicate with the opposite sex. What is she thinking? Why did he do that? Teen guys and girls know they often don’t understand the opposite sex or know how to talk to one another.

Communication is a key tool in life. We interact with words, gestures, and movements. The devotions in Girl Talk Guy Talk give insights that focus on different aspects of teen life to help both guys and girls better understand and communicate with the opposite sex.

Various styles of devotions, including stories, checklists, quizzes, fact-based news, text messages, and skill-building tips will encourage and equip young girls and guys to understand how the opposite sex is wired and how to best relate with them.

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