This easy and healthy banana bread recipe is the best I’ve ever tasted and will melt in your mouth at first bite. Not only is it sweet and moist (you’ll love the hint of cinnamon) but quick and easy to make! It’s perfect for breakfast, snack or even as a dessert…and there may not be any leftovers after your first bite. So what are you waiting for? Grab your loaf pan and let’s get baking!

collage of pictures - banana bread on a plate with two slices cut and loaf of cooked banana bread in bread pan

Loaf of banana bread on a plate with two slices cut

I love go-to recipes and this banana bread recipe has been mine for years. Whenever I have bananas that are almost past the point of no return, I whip out this recipe. Not only do I love the fact that it takes under 10 minutes to get this bread in the oven but it also freezes well which makes it perfect to enjoy later!

Banana Bread Variations

For added flavor, you could easily add a handful of chocolate chips or nuts to the batter. I’ve even seen some bakers put sliced bananas on top of the batter before baking it.

Our favorite way to eat this banana bread is warm with a dollop of butter! How do you like to eat your banana bread?


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