You’ve been cleaning out your house and have chosen a date for your yard sale. Now what? One thing I can promise you is that there’s nothing more frustrating than going through all the work of a yard sale and only making a few dollars. So I’m sharing my best yard sale tips for sellers to have a successful sale!

How To Have A Successful Yard Sale

Yard sale season is upon us here in Middle Tennessee. Treasure hunters are out and about looking for that perfect piece they can’t live without.

I’ve had quite a few yard sales in my day and have used these tips and tricks. I have no doubt that you’ll have a successful yard sale if you follow them too.

Location, Location, Location

In order to sell your junk treasures you have to get people to your sale. If you live in the boonies or the back of a neighborhood (like we do) I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you don’t really have the best location.

Ask a friend or family member who does have an awesome location if you can have it at their house. (They may even have a few items you can sell for them.) Yes, it may take a bit more effort but it’ll be worth it. Trust me, I’ve done it a few times and it works fabulously.

yard sale sign

Have Great Signs

Yard sale signs don’t need to have tons of details. (And most people can’t read all that when they’re driving anyways.) Have multiple signs with the words Yard Sale and an arrow directing them where to go. Yes, that’s all you need!

We did this the last time we had a yard sale and quite a few people commented on how great our signs were. They said they showed them exactly where to go. (The picture above is of the signs we used.)

As in most cases, less is more.

Organize Your Items

People like to scan so don’t have a ton of stuff in boxes where buyers have to dig. (I don’t like to dig, do you?)

The best thing to do is spread out your items and display them. Put like items together, and you can even put items that you’re selling for the same amount ($.50, $1, etc.) together.

If you have an entertainment center, end table or other piece of furniture for sale, put pictures or nic-nacs on them so people can visualize what the item will look like if they were to take it home. This will not only help the piece of furniture sell, but the nic-nac will stand out and too.

As you sell items move things around and fill in the gaps so your tables look full. If your tables look sparse people won’t want to stop and get out of their cars because your sale looks like it’s been picked over. The key is to make it look like you have plenty of treasures left to sell. If need be, take away a table to make it look fuller.

Street Free Image Garage Sale Sign Arrow Direction

Have A Free Box

People love anything that’s free. Put a box at the end of your driveway with the word free written on it where people can plainly see it. This might just help the “drive-bys” stop and get out of their car. As you go throughout the sale put small things in it.


Let people know about your sale and/or large ticket items on Craigslist or Facebook.

After The Sale Is Over

Whatever you do, DO NOT take the items back into your house. There’s a reason why they were for sale in the first place. Box them up, donate them and get a tax write-off!

By applying these tips, you’re sure to have a successful yard sale. If you haven’t already, pick a date for your sale and start going through the items in your house so you can make some extra cash!

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