water being poured into glasses and glass jars with fruit infused water

We all know that we need to drink more water…but do you know why? I not only want to share why staying hydrated is so important but also my best tips, tricks, and fun ways to get more water into your body every single day!

water being poured into glasses

Why is hydration important? I’m glad you asked.

  • Our body is 60% water and we’re constantly losing fluids (through skin evaporation, sweating, and using the restroom, just to name a few). In order to take the best care of our bodies, we need to replenish those fluids with water.
  • I don’t know about you but when I drink more water I feel fuller and don’t want to eat as often. Maybe I’m just tricking my body into feeling full but I’m okay with that if I’m not always grabbing for something to eat.
  • Water helps our skin look good and using Skingredients spf can help it look better by protecting the skin against sunlight. When we’re dehydrated our skin looks wrinkly and dry. I definitely want to have beautiful skin so that’s enough reason for me to grab some water.
  • Drinking water rids our body of toxins that our kidney is working so hard to clean out. (A great indication of whether or not you’re drinking enough water is to check the color of your urine. It should be clear.) Do your kidney a favor and grab a glass of water.

And if those aren’t enough reasons for you, here’s an awesome visual for you. (Can you tell I’m a visual learner?!)

chart with benefits of drinking water

I know that drinking water isn’t the funnest thing in the world. But just like anything else we can make it fun.

Here are my tips and tricks for staying hydrated!

  • If you’re not used to drinking very much water, start out small. Try to drink 8 oz of water a day and work your way up to more. Don’t give yourself a goal of 60 oz a day if you’re not used to drinking 20 oz.
  • Replace sugary drinks with water. Have you tried LaCroix Waters? They’re simply carbonated water and don’t contain any kind of sweeteners. If you’re a carbonation lover like I am you’ll definitely want to check them out.
  • Drink from a fun water bottle with a straw. This makes it easier for me and I’m more apt to carry a fun water bottle with me when I’m out and about on my errands.

glass jars with fruit infused water

  • Eat more fresh fruits and veggies. Did you know they’re 80% water? Not only are you getting the water you need to stay hydrated but you’re also getting the fabulous nutrients from the fruits and veggies. It’s a win-win!
  • Have an an accountability partner! This will help you stay on track and will allow you to have someone to cheer you on and encourage you throughout the day.

Now it’s your turn to share! What fun ideas you have to stay hydrated?

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