God instilled in our men to be the leaders of our home. Are you letting your husband lead and be who God created him to be?

This weekend as I was browsing through my DVR for a good chick flick, I found a Lifetime movie called Not Easily Broken. (It would have been better without the language.) Follow along as I share a quote from the movie.

When God made Adam, He instructed him to do three things: work, cultivate, and protect. Down through history, men have always been measured by how they’ve worked and cultivated‚Ķby how well they protected their wives and children. In the old days, women saw their men as conquerors, providers, heroes, but somewhere along the line that changed. Women started becoming their own heroes. Maybe it was because their men forgot how to be heroic, or because women didn’t want to be protected anymore. Or maybe women had to be their own heroes because of the pain they had to endure in life. But whatever the cause, the world took away a man’s reasons for being a man. They told him he wasn’t important anymore. And when that happened, they turned the whole world upside-down.

Ladies, are we taking away a “man’s reason for being a man”?

God instilled in our men to be the leaders of our home, but are we letting them lead and be who God created them to be? Or, are we trying to be and do everything ourselves? (I’m raising my hand because there are times when I’m guilty of this.)

{Side Note} Much like the quote says, maybe you’ve been hurt in the past and your trust has been demolished. I’ve been there too and I get it! But, if we’re going to have God-honoring marriages, we must learn to trust this man that God has given us.

Show your precious husband that he’s important by letting him be the provider, protector and leader of your home! Let your husband lead!

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