Are you wondering how to get anything done with a toddler? Is he into everything and you feel like your house has become a disaster zone? I’m here to help with a few tips that will set you up for success as you walk through the years of being a toddler mom.

As soon as you get a task accomplished and crossed off of your to-do list you remember 2-3 more things that needed to be done a few days ago.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home or a ceo-mom, it feels like you’re constantly working doesn’t it? (And if you’re like me, oftentimes when you’re sleeping your brain is even at work listening for your precious little one in case he cries.)

Let’s face it, motherhood can be exhausting!

I don’t have it all together as a mom but have learned a few things along the way and am excited to come alongside you and share 5 tips that helped me. Be encouraged and know that you’re not alone on your motherhood journey!

How To Successfully Get Things Done With A Toddler At Home

1. Set yourself up for success.

While there are a ton of ways to set yourself up for success, here are my three of my favorites.

Pick up toys before transitioning to another activity

Is your house a mess? Are there toys strewn all over the place? (Well, you’re not alone sister because every mom of a little has this same dilemma!)

Picking up toys before eating a meal, nap time, or any number of activities not only keeps your house tidier, but it can also teach your child a bit of responsibility.

If your child knows he has to pick up the toys before he can move to another activity, he might not get out every single toy to play with.

*Start training him now! When my son was little he’d sit beside me while I picked up the toys and I’d say, “Help momma pick up the toys.” He eventually got it, began helping me and I was so excited when that day finally came!

If clutter and disorder drive you nuts (my hand is raised), picking up the toys will not only be a sanity saver for you but it’s also a surefire way to combat the clutter monster before it starts.

Wash your dish instead of leaving it in sink.

You’ve just finished your cup of coffee and head to the kitchen to put your cup in the sink. Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

What if instead of putting it in the sink you went ahead and washed it or even put it in the dishwasher?

This simple task not only saves time because you don’t have to wash the dish later, but it also keeps your sink from piling up with dirty dishes.

You might not think it saves that much time, but when you’re a busy mom every second counts!

Meal Plan

If you just rolled your eyes and sighed at the thought of meal planning, please hear me out!

When I say meal plan I’m not recommending anything elaborate but very simple meals.

Here’s my bare bones weekly meal plan that I keep on the notes on my phone…it’s nothing fancy but it works for me!

Once a week I’ll take a quick inventory of what we have in our cabinets/fridge/freezer and then assign a meal to each night of the week. I don’t necessarily make the meal on a certain night but I know I have enough meals planned for the entire week. (My favorite night of the week is leftover night!)

Still trying to decide whether or not to meal plan? Check out my friend Erin’s very helpful post with 6 reasons why you should meal plan.

little boy laying on the floor in his room playing

2. Have daily room time for your child.

This one was huge for me!

Having a toddler is a joy but it can also be very taxing to chase a child around all the time. It’s hard to get anything done, but you have to make sure that he’s not into everything or hurting himself.

Whether he’s a baby or through preschool age, I encourage you to schedule room time each and every day for your child.

For the littles, place toys and books in their crib/pack and play and let them explore in a safe environment for 30-45 minutes. You can also turn on music or open the window and let the sun shine in.

If you child is closer to preschool age, let them play in their room, read a book or just hang out. I promise they’ll figure out something to do to pass the time and you’ll be amazed!

Room time might look different for every mom. Maybe this small reprieve could be doing something you enjoy (reading a book, crafting, or taking a cat nap). Or maybe it’ll give you a few extra minutes to work on a few tasks that you’d love to get accomplished!

3. Do the important things first.

Raise your hand if you do the menial tasks on your list first and put the most important tasks off until last! (Once again, my hand is raised.)

Years ago I went through Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Mornings eCourse.

Crystal shared the illustration of how when we put our big rocks (important tasks) in our jar first we’ll have more time to fill the rest of the jar with smaller rocks, sand and even water. I’m a visual girl so this really put things into perspective for me.

She also had us process through this concept (and encouraged us to include our spouse too).

If I did NOTHING else today except _______________, my day would be a success.

Here’s my list when may son was a toddler:

  • Quiet time with the Lord
  • Showering
  • Making supper (it was important to my husband)
  • Walking/exercising 3-5 times a week

(It may seem like a simple list, I had to be realistic and set myself up for success with doable items. As my son got older I added more and more items to this list.)

When I decided that the four items above were the most important for me and my family it made it so much easier to go to bed at night not having everything on my to-do list accomplished…and anything else I get done throughout the day was just gravy.

Make a list of the most important things for you and your family and focus on them first!

overhead view of desk with pens, papers, and computer.

4. Turn it off.

I’m not naive enough to think that I won’t step on a few toes with this tip. In fact, I’m preaching to myself with this one because I’m quite guilty of this myself though.

Turning it off takes away the distractions and helps you focus on the things that are important.

Social Media

It’s so easy to get on social media for “just a few minutes” only to look up at the clock and realize you’ve been on there an hour.

Please tell me you can relate!

If social media is your time suck, set a timer for 15 minutes. When the timer goes off, get off!


I work from home so when my son was a toddler and naptime came it was time to get my work done.

For me, turning it off is closing my email when I’m working on computer projects or putting my phone on do not disturb. When I do this it allows me to focus on the project at hand and boost my productivity level.

Stopping to read the newest email or text takes your mind to another place and you lose your train of thought.

The texts and emails will be there when you’ve finished your task and you’ll get a lot more done to boot!

If you don’t believe me, I dare you to try it!

5. Give yourself grace as a toddler mom (and beyond).

Girlfriend, I wish I could waive a magic wand and tell you that it is possible to go to bed each night having completed everything on your to-do list.

The reality of the situation is that we’re not going to get everything done every day…or even most days.

Give yourself grace by realizing that you’re not Superwoman and just do the best you can. That’s all anyone can ask of you!

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