Building A Happy and Healthy Christian Family

Want to build a happy and healthy Christian family? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Find encouragement in your Christian parenting journey as you build strong relationships with your kids and also learn that God doesn’t expect you to have it all together. It’s all about grace, friend!

What are the characteristics and qualities of a happy and healthy Christian family?

  • Strong Christian families aren’t perfect families, but families who extend lots of grace to each other.
  • Spending quality time with one another and doing the things that make them happy is a must. Making time with each other creates a fun environment that the kids will want to be part of even as they get older. (Quality time looks different for each family.) 
  • Communicating is key, and they frequently talk about the good and bad things going on in their life. This helps them know how to pray for each other and ask for God’s direction.
  • Their top priority is to seek the Lord and His will for their family knowing that He will help guide them in making decisions that are pleasing to Him. 

Tshanina Peterson wants to help you in your desire of building a happy and healthy Christian family. Here you’ll find tips to encourage you in your faith walk, fun activities that you can do together as family and sanity savers for the days that are hard. (Because let’s face it, we all have them!)

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