tales of an inexperienced mom august 16

Disclosure: The words in this series are candid, raw and very personal. I share to let you know that you’re not alone on this journey of motherhood! (One thing I’ve learned through this thing called life is that my story is valuable and through my sharing the Lord may be able to help someone else.)

“Play cars?”

I was preparing supper the first time I ever heard those words. My immediate reaction was to let Dalton know that, yes, he could play with his cars. But then he added “Momma.”

Was this little boy that’ll be two in a few months really telling me that he wanted to play cars with me?

So I asked, “Do you want momma to play cars with you?” And you guessed it…he did and my heart melted a little bit. Of course I quickly finished what I was doing and headed to his room to play cars with him. The rest is history, my friend, because now he wants to play cars with me every chance he gets.

Play cars? I was preparing supper the first time I ever heard those words. Continue reading...

The fact that he actually wanted to spend time with me was huge but I was blown away that he was able to verbalize what he was thinking. You see, I knew the early years would be extremely hard for me (and, if I’m being honest, I was dreading them) because babies and toddlers don’t communicate very well.

I’m continually amazed at all of the words Dalton is learning and saying. His vocabulary seems to get bigger and more diverse each and every week. And I may be a bit biased but I think he’s pretty smart for his age. (I attribute this to not watching tv and instead reading books.)

Play cars? I was preparing supper the first time I ever heard those words. Continue reading...

Don’t get me wrong, life is not all peaches and cream. I can promise you that I constantly pray for patience because Dalton gets into trouble multiple times a day. He’s also learned how to try to push me and Trent to our breaking points when it comes to disciplining. But we continue to try to be as consistent as possible so he’ll be a good little boy who is an asset to society.

Motherhood is hard work but thankfully as each difficult season passes it seems to get a tiny bit easier. There’s no doubt that Dalton’s ability to communicate is a huge reason why it gets easier.

I’m continually thankful for the grace and mercy that the Lord shows me each and every day! And especially now as I reflect on that first year of motherhood I’m blown away at the Lord’s faithfulness. He’s been here from the beginning and is going to equip me with exactly what I need for the future!


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