Prep your nails for some polish because this salon secret will show you how to push back stubborn cuticles. This DIY tip just might blow your mind and inspire you to use a new nail art ideas!

We’ve talked about how to prevent your nail polish from chipping and how to repair a cracked nail so why not go back to the basics and show you how to push back stubborn cuticles?

Here’s how the scenario plays out:

You’ve picked your polish and are so excited to finally have beautiful nails. As you pick up your brush and start to paint your nails you discover that your cuticles look absolutely horrid. You’ve tried to push them back before but you’ve had absolutely no luck. So, you nix the idea of polishing your nails because of your atrocious cuticles.

I totally get it! Why go through all the work of polishing your nails and then taking the time to let them dry properly only to have cuticles that’ll stand out like a sore thumb?

Here’s my super simple secret to push back those stubborn cuticles.

Push them back when you’re in the shower or soaking in the tub! You’re already going to be bathing so why not take a few extra seconds to push them back when they’re already nice and soft?

Now, if you have super stubborn cuticles that haven’t been pushed back in a long time it may take a few times before they comply. But, this is the best way I’ve found to take care of stubborn cuticles and is definitely a trick that I use myself.

I’ve found that the easiest way to push them back is with one of your fingernails on your opposite hand. You could also leave a plastic cuticle pusher or orange wood stick in your shower to remind yourself to push them back once a week.

And there you have it – my easy peasy solution to pushing back stubborn cuticles.

What’s your tip for pushing back stubborn cuticles?