traveling with hanging clothes tip

Before I dive in and tell you about our week, I have to share a traveling tip that Trent and I love to use!

I don’t know about you, but one of the worst parts of traveling is packing luggage/folding clothes. So, when we travel by car, instead of folding clothes we’ll put a shower curtain rod in the car and use it to hang our clothes! (Simply place both ends in the pull down handles of the back seat of the car and voila you’re good to go!)


Arkansas Road Trip

White River at Gastons

This is our third year taking a road trip to Arkansas for Trent’s work! (We went to the dealer meetings for two of the boat lines they sell at his work.) As always, I was so excited when he asked if I wanted to tag along with him!

Just as in years past, we stayed at the beautiful Gaston’s White River Resort. The view from our room was just breathtaking and it was so relaxing sitting by the water.  Trent and Tshanina

Of course we couldn’t go to a boat dealer meeting without taking some of the boats for a test ride. (My hair looks a bit out of sorts because we were running fast – I believe we got one of the boats over 65!)

Trent with trout

Trent was able to take a guided float trip down the White River and caught this biggun’! (I opted not to go this year. I wasn’t sure what the temperature would be, plus the thought of being in a boat for the morning without the possibility of using the facility didn’t sound too fun for me. I’ll definitely go the next time since I won’t be preggo!)

Even though it was a work trip and we had to sit through a few meetings, I had a blast hanging out with this precious man. It was great to get away and unplug from everyday life.


Paint In The Baby’s Room

nursery before paint

While we were gone, the baby’s room took on a bit of a transformation. My mom generously offered to paint! We went from plain, white walls to…

nursery during painting

nursery after paint

…light brown! Although the glare from the window makes it a bit difficult to see in the picture, I love how the color turned out! I have this same color in my hallways so I thought it’d be the perfect color to carry into this room. After all, neutrals go with just about anything, right?

(Thanks mom for your hard work! You did a fabulous job and it made a huge difference in this room!)


Mopping It Up

shark steam mop

You likely already know that cleaning is one of my least favorite household chores. A few weeks ago when I was cleaning out and rearranging, I found some money in a card. It was just the incentive I needed to break down and buy this Shark Steam Mop (that’s my affiliate link). I’ve borrowed my sister’s before and loved it – this steam mop makes mopping so much easier!

Yesterday I set out on a mission to mop the kitchen floor. (Hanging my head.) I can’t tell you the last time I mopped, and my floor looked, well, pretty nasty! Because it’s been so long since I’ve mopped it took a bit longer to get up the gunk and grime. (I’m not brave enough to share pics.) Thankfully I was able to get the kitchen area done, and now I have our dining room area to work on next.

Even though I didn’t get the whole area done, it was so fulfilling getting part of it done! Now if I can just get myself on a regular mopping routine I’ll be set!

Well, that’s a peek into our week. What have you been up to this week? (Please share in the comments below.)