On a recent visit to a local farmer, we learned about chickens and cows. But one thing I didn't expect to learn about finances!Last month when my sisters were in town we visited a local farmer. We had a blast learning about his chickens, cows and even how he makes honey. But, one thing I didn’t think I’d learn about during our visit was finances.

After we helped Mr. Ray feed his cows we asked about his land. He quickly let us know that he rents the land. He said he’d have to be a rich man to own all the land his cattle was on because it was worth a few million dollars. Wow! Crazy!

He went on to tell us how he pays cash for everything. Through the years he’s had to do without or make do with what he has until he has enough money to save up to buy something. He also said that he likes to sleep on decisions, both big and small. It was evident that the Lord’s hand was on his business and I have no doubt that it is because he has been faithful with the resources that God has given him.

Mr. Ray even told us that he’s looking at another piece of property to rent because his business is growing so much!

Seeing how God is blessing him definitely encouraged me. It’s no secret that we live in a fast paced society. If we want something we go buy it (sometimes whether we can afford it or not). We often buy now and think about it later. Oftentimes we end up buying things we can’t afford or don’t need and Dave Ramsey calls this “stupid tax.” Trust me, I’ve paid my fair share of stupid tax through the years and it’s not fun.

I’m a firm believer that if we don’t have the money to buy something we shouldn’t. I’ve always thought that we appreciate our purchases more when we save up and pay cash for them. We realize how much work it took to pay for that item, or we’ll even search harder to find a better deal!

Like I said, our visit to Mr. Ray’s was to see animals, but we came away with valuable life lessons. And you know what? I may have been the only one that his financial lesson touched, but I think that was definitely an encouragement from the Lord to continue to strive to be wise with the resources he has entrusted Trent and I with!

Don’t you love it when God teaches/reminds us everyday lessons when we least expect it?

Thrifty T