This week was full of birthdays for our family – Leah (my sister), Jacob (my nephew), Tevin (Trent’s brother) and, last but definitely not least, Trent!

For those of you that are married, do you have a hard time with gift ideas for your spouse? I sure do! Figuring out what to get Trent for a present is definitely the most difficult part of his birthday! Usually the things he wants are fishing related. Since he works at a boat dealership, he can usually get those items cheaper than I can buy them. So, if I decide to go that route, his presents usually aren’t a surprise. (How boring is that?) And, he’s not the type of guy that likes a lot of “stuff” (which is probably why we get along so well), so ideas are few and far between. Thankfully one of his buddies had some great recommendations!

I tried my hand at making a homemade, ice cream birthday cake for Trent, and it turned out quite well! (I’ll share that with you next week!) My mom used to make ice cream cakes for us and they were always a hit. (Thanks for the inspiration mom!) Have you ever made an ice cream cake?

teresas tablescape


Last night we headed to Trent’s mom’s house for supper to celebrate Trent and Tevin’s birthdays. Teresa loves to cook and definitely has the gift of hospitality! Every time we head over to her house for dinner she always serves an hors douvre (yes, I had to look up how to spell that word – ha!) and always has her table decorated complete with cloth napkins (as you can see above)! She mixes it up with a different tablescape every time we come over!

They say you marry someone just like your mom, but Trent didn’t. She is a sweet southern lady, loves girly, frilly things, wears pink, and loves to entertain. If you know me at all, you know just how opposite we are! But whether we’re alike or not, one thing’s for sure. She loves her boys, and she loves the Lord!

Instead of calling me her daughter-in-law, she calls me her daughter-by-love. Yes, that’s just how sweet she is! What about you? Are you like your mother-in-law?

To Walmart I Go

I remember when Walmart was the only store I shopped at, and now I dread the thought of going there! What can I say? Once you’ve shopped at Publix, you don’t want to go anywhere else!

About once a month I head to Walmart to get dog food for Hunter. Anytime I head there I always look to see if there are any fabulous deals that I just can’t pass up. So, before I go I usually head over to I Heart The Mart to check out the deals! Walmart deals can be hit or miss, so I try to never get my hopes up until I actually have the item in my cart.

pillsbury heat-n-go mini pancakes

One of the deals I found this trip were these Pillsbury Heat-N-Go Mini Pancakes. Paired with this coupon, they ended up being free! And while this wouldn’t be an item I would normally buy, I’ll take it if it’s free!

I’m always surprised at new items that come out on the market. When I found this item in the frozen section I honestly thought it was going to be a larger package. If you’re super strapped on time, $.88 for one breakfast may not be a big deal, but I definitely think you could save money by making your own pancakes and putting them in the freezer yourself.

Well, that’s a peek into my week, and now it’s your turn…

How was your week? Did you do anything fun or find any fabulous deals at the grocery store?

Thrifty T

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