As I listened to the speakers at Blissdom this past weekend there was a resounding message that I kept hearing. I may have been the only one that heard it but it kept coming up.

“Fear tells you that you’re too late or to do it later.” – Jon Acuff

“Fear of failure is worse than failure itself.” – Jeff Goins

“90% perfect and shared is better than 100% perfect and not shared.” – Jon Acuff

Fear is something that we all face. It’s not something that we like to talk about because, well, we’re afraid. We’re afraid of what people might think, we’re afraid we’ll look stupid; you name it, we fear fear.

Just like each of you, I have my own fears. I fear that I’m not the best wife I can be for Trent, that my new business will fail before it even gets started, that I will miss an opportunity to share Christ’s love with someone…

Although it feels safer to keep fear hidden, exposing it to the light hinders its growth. Sharing our fears is much like photosynthesis is to plants. If a plant doesn’t have food it will stop growing, and eventually die. When we share with each other our fears will stop growing, and eventually die.

What are you afraid? What’s holding you back from living the best life possible or accomplishing a dream? Let’s face our fears together.

Thrifty T

Photo credit – Steph’s Blog