It’s no secret that Branson, Missouri is known for its shows. There’s practically one on every corner. (no, I’m not kidding!) Shows aren’t really our style so we opted for some other fun activities!

missouri fish hatchery

Our travel planner (Trent) scoped out a few fun activities for us! Our first stop was the Fish Hatchery (this was a free outing) where they raise trout. Look closely and you can see dozens and dozens of fish in the water. Of course we had to feed them!

There was a tank inside that housed these big boys! Pretty impressive, eh!

The Fish Hatchery had all types of other creatures to check out – it was fun meandering through and checking out God’s creation (He never ceases to amaze me)!

Meet Peanut, a Red-Eared Slider Turtle. When I first saw Peanut I thought her shell was supposed to be shaped like this. Don’t laugh – I’m not really a turtle connoisseur. Then Trent pointed out this sign that was right beside her tank. As she was hunting one day she slid through a six-pack ring. And, as she grew her body grew around the ring.

I’d heard that you should cut up six pack rings before you throw them away, and, sadly, now I know why.

We also toured the Table Rock Dam ($14.50 per person). Unfortunately they didn’t allow cameras so this is as close as it gets folks. I’ve never toured anything like this before so it was neat to see everything.¬†This was a high security area! In fact, they stopped giving tours after 9/11 up until about a year ago.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a fun trip without taking some self portraits. (I told Trent it’s hard enough getting a good picture of ourselves without him goofing off – wink)

We had such a great time exploring Branson. And, in case you’re wondering, yes, we did work while there. Trent attended his meetings, we saw lots and lots of boats, and we even had to dress up for dinner one night. Trent loved wearing the jacket and tie (insert heavy sarcasm here).

Have you ever been to Branson? What’s your favorite site to see?

Thrifty T