It’s been a full, fun month for us. Among other things, Dalton celebrated his first birthday and I got a much needed mommy break!

Dalton Turns 1

dalton turns 1

We’re a low-key family, so the fact that we didn’t throw a huge birthday party for Dalton shouldn’t be a big surprise to anyone. Instead, the three of us celebrated his birthday with honey banana cupcakes and balloons. It was perfect, if you asked me. (We’ll have birthday parties when he’s older and can truly enjoy them!)

I wasn’t quite sure what he was going to do with the cupcake. He loves bananas so that’s why I made the honey banana flavor. He took a few bites and was a bit intrigued by the cupcake itself, as you can see in the top right picture. But after a few bites he was done and wanted more of the peas he had eaten for dinner. HA!


Visiting A Fall Festival

Daltons first pumpkin patch

This particular Saturday I knew we needed to get out for some “fresh air.” (Mommas, you know what I mean!) I texted my sister and asked her what she was up to and she and my niece were headed to a fall festival. Of course I said yes when she asked if Dalton and I wanted to tag along, and the rest is history.

As you can see, Dalton really enjoyed playing with the pumpkins! And that bottom right picture, he was so intrigued with the pumpkins that he didn’t want to turn around and smile with us.


My Mommy Break

juice plus conference

It’s no secret that my side hustle is sharing about Juice Plus. They have a conference for their reps twice a year. Well, when I learned that the conference was going to be in Nashville (only 30 minutes away from me) I knew I had to go. (Along with being my fabulous sister, Charity is my sidekick in this business!)

It was a 2 1/2 day conference and I’m so thankful for those that helped with Dalton to make it possible for me to go. I had a blast and was excited for my mommy break!

I was super pumped to see a TowerGarden (top left picture) up close and personal. This little puppy makes it possible to garden from just about anywhere! We’re planning on getting one next year and I couldn’t be more excited. Gardening is fun, but it’s a lot of work to water and keep weeds out. This’ll make it so much easier! (Don’t worry, I’ll share more with you when it arrives.)


Road Trippin’ To Cincinnati

bearcats game

Trent and I stole away for a few days and headed to Cincinnati. Our friend, Taylor, is on the University of Cincinnati’s football team so we went to cheer on the Bearcats! We’ve been watching his games on tv but it was so much more fun to be at the game!

This was Dalton’s first time away from us overnight, and he did great! He had a blast with his Aunt Leah and we came back refreshed and renewed.


Dalton’s Corner

dalton eating peas

As I mentioned before, Dalton loves peas. He’s fairly picky about his foods so it’s exciting when we introduce a new food and he likes it. Most of the time it takes a few tries to get it to “stick.”


dalton, tshanina and trent



He continues to love the outdoors!


dalton with tissues

Friends, this is what happens when you’re in the back room on your phone texting and not paying attention to your child. And as I was picking up this mess he toddled over and got into something else. The joys of motherhood. :O)


dalton on stairs

This is my favorite picture from this month! I was sitting just a few feet away working on my computer and looked over to see this. Look at that face! He was tickled pink at himself for climbing the step.

Well, that should catch you up on what’s been going on in the Peterson household. Now it’s your turn to share.

What have YOU been up to this month?