One of our goals for this year is to spend more time with our families.  As you know, life goes by so fast and before you know it the year is gone.  In January Trent and I decided that we would have a monthly family get together hosted at our house.


This weekend we hosted our first get-together (we had scheduled one in February but were both sick so we had to cancel).  We had dinner, played games and just hung out with each other.  We laughed a lot; something that’s so very easy to do with my nephews.  Joel is off-the-wall and is forever saying something hilarious.  It was so much fun!!!



Our games of choice for the evening were Monopoly Deal and Apples to Apples.  If you haven’t purchased Apples to Apples it is a must have in your game closet.


Every time we play Apples to Apples, or any game, these two are hilarious.  Without admitting it, they are always conspiring against the rest of the players and helping each other out.


Jacob (right) and Joel, the cohorts in crime.  :o)



I guess Jacob wanted you to see the game we were playing…the viewpoint of a 12 year old.  ;o) Left to right, my sister, Leah, me, and my mom.  As you can see, Elizabeth is enjoying the clearanced Fun Dips that I got a few weeks ago.


What creative things do you do to keep in contact with your family?


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