The Power Of An Empty Chair - Much like girls anticipate the day a cute guy will talk to them, our Heavenly Father longs to talk with us each day.

Do you remember when you started noticing boys? First you dreamed that they would glance your way. When they finally did, you’d giggle in excitement with your friends! Then you took it a step further and dreamed about the day they would speak to you! And, oh how exciting that day was!

Now that I’m married times haven’t really changed. I still get excited when Trent sits down to dinner and shares details about his day. I love it when he wants to run an idea by me or ask my opinion about something he’s working on. And I feel like we’re a team when he shares his hopes and dreams with me!

Whether you’re married or not, one thing’s true about every human being. We all long for communication!

God’s No Different Than Us

Do you know how crazy God is about you? He’s just like us in that He longs for us to communicate with Him! He wants to hear about our day. He longs for us to share our hopes and dreams with Him. And, even though He already knows what we’re going to say (Psalm 139:4), each and every time we open our mouths (or hearts) He gets excited at the thought of hearing from us!

An Empty Chair

Months ago I heard the story of an empty chair. It was so powerful that it’s stuck with me all this time.

There was a girl who, every night before bed, put an empty chair in the middle of her bedroom. Each morning when she awoke she pictured God sitting on the edge of that chair in excitement. She was reminded (much like the anticipation of a kid on Christmas morning) how much God longed to talk with her that day. The chair not only reminded her of how important it was to start her day in conversation with Him, but to continue throughout the entire day!

Now, I don’t know about you but there have been plenty of times when I’ve begun my day and totally dropped the ball on talking to God. There have also been numerous times when I’ve been in the middle of my day trying to tackle life’s problems only to realize that I’ve talked to everyone but Him.

The next time you’re waiting to tell that special story to a friend, I hope you’ll be reminded how much God longs to hear from you too. Maybe you need to place an empty chair in the middle of your room before you head to bed tonight!

How different would our lives be if we lived in constant communication with our Father?

Thrifty T

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