Your kids will love these Christian themed Easter basket ideas that focus on Jesus and His resurrection. It will be easy to put a smile on your kid’s faces when they see their basket filled with fun and cute items that are also practical and useful.

I’ve broken this list of Christian themed Easter basket ideas into three different areas: books for babies, gifts for 3-7 year olds and gifts for 8-12 year olds. Along with Christ-centered items I’ve also added a few “fun gifts” that were just too cute to pass up.

Just for fun I’ve also included a few fun family activities that you can enjoy together (or even with friends) so be sure to read until the end!

Easter Books for Babies and Toddlers

the story of easter

The Story of Easter Board Book

This board book is a wonderful way to introduce young hearts to the miraculous story of the first Easter. Sweet text and adorable illustrations will engage kids as they read along with parents and grandparents. A padded board book is a soft but durable selection for little ones, and kids will enjoy the “carry-me” handle as they take their book on-the-go. The small trim size makes this book a great package to place in a child’s Easter basket!

the very first easter book

The Very First Easter

The Very First Easter introduces children to one of the most inspiring stories of all time: Jesus’ death to save us from our sins. Readers will learn about the events leading up to Jesus’ death and his miraculous return to life. With exciting new artwork from the bestselling The Beginner’s Bible, this book will help children understand why we celebrate this special day.

my first book of bible stories

My First Book of Bible Stories

This soft, padded chunky board book will teach your little one twelve of the most wonderful Bible stories! Your child will learn about God and the Beginning of the World, the Good Samaritan, Noah’s ark, and more.

gods love is a rainbow finger puppet book

God’s Love Is A Rainbow Finger Puppet Book

Your little one will love seeing all the colors and creatures God made as they follow along with the beautiful rainbow finger puppet built into this board book.

Christian Themed Easter Basket Ideas for Kids Ages 3-7

good news its easter book

Good News! It’s Easter!

The Easter season is an exciting time of growth and reflection as both nature and our human hearts anticipate the hope of new beginnings. Through playful illustrations in nature, best-selling and award-winning author Glenys Nellist introduces children to the gift of salvation.

go gave us easter book

God Gave Us Easter

As Little Cub celebrates Easter with Papa, Mama, and her brother and sister, she begins to ask her papa questions about this very special day of the year.  Papa lovingly explains God’s plans for his children, while taking Little Cub on a memorable walk through her stunning Arctic world, and he shares how Easter came about in clear, simple terms that even the littlest cubs can understand.

an Easter egg hunt for Jesus book

An Easter Egg Hunt for Jesus

A quiet forest wakes up from its winter sleep. Buds blossom and trees stretch their branches—spring is here! All the animals are excited for the season of rebirth, because it means Easter is soon to come! Little Bunny and his friends get ready for the special and important day with an Easter egg hunt. But when Little Bunny makes a mistake that makes him think he’s ruined all the fun, his friends and family come together to help him understand the meaning of Easter—a celebration of Jesus’s resurrection and the new life He offers us.

gods easter gifts

God’s Easter Gifts

Bella and Pablo love Easter egg hunts. So many wonderful goodies just waiting to be found inside each egg! But the brother and sister are about to discover there’s much more to Easter than candy and toys, as they embark on a very special Easter egg hunt that will reveal all of God’s greatest gifts to us.

Veggie Tales: An Easter Carol

Ebenezer Nezzer is out of control! He’s trying to make Easter bigger than ever by filling London with plastic eggs! But just how hard can his mechanical chickens work before they’re… well, fried? In just one unforgettable day and night, Cavis and Millward (Bob and Larry) and a music box angel named Hope must convince Nezzer that Easter is about more than candy and eggs. Inspired by Dickens’ Christmas classic, this very special VeggieTales film explains why millions of Christians around the world celebrate Easter past, present and future.

Come Celebrate Easter Activity Book

The Easter story comes to life through age-appropriate puzzles, activity pages, and stickers in this friendly and fun The Beginner’s Bible Easter Sticker and Activity Book featuring classic art and simply written content from The Beginner’s Bible.

the easter storybook

The Easter Storybook

With 40 stories, this book starts with Jesus’ time in the temple as a boy and ends with His appearance after the resurrection. Each story includes a Bible passage and a conversation question.

The Jesus Storybook Bible

This Bible will teach the children in your life about God’s “Never Stopping, Never Giving up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.” Jesus is at the center of each of the over 40 stories that are written in an easy-to-understand format.

the big bible sticker book

The Big Bible Sticker Book

With over 30 stories, this book will engage your child as they hear the stories and use the stickers to complete the pictures.

My Pretty Pink Bible Sticker Purse

If your little girl loves pink than this purse is perfect for her! She will love the activities and learning about Bible stories by using the stickers to tell the stories.

never ending sticker fun bible stories

Never Ending Sticker Fun Bible Stories

With over 250 reusable stickers, your child will be able to mix and match them as they bring the stories to life on 5 exciting Bible story backgrounds. The possibilities are endless.

bible hidden pictures activity book

Bible Hidden Pictures Activity Book

Children will love searching for the hidden objects in pictures inspired by the Old and New Testaments. Each page contains a story that will remind children of God’s love and faithfulness.

melissa and doug reusable sticker pad bible stories

Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad Bible Stories

Removable background scenes include Daniel and the lion’s den, David and Goliath, Jonah and the whale, Joseph parting the red sea, Noah’s Ark.

super heroes of the Bible sticker and activity book

Super Heroes of the Bible Sticker and Activity Book

Bible heroes come to life through age-appropriate puzzles, activity pages, and 50 reusable stickers in these friendly and fun sticker and activity book featuring The Beginner’s Bible classic art and simply written content.

Bible dot to dot activity book

Bible Dot To Dot Activity Book

Children will love connecting the dots with pictures inspired by stories from the Old and New Testaments. Each page will contain story that will remind children of God’s love and faithfulness.

super girls of the bible sticker and activity book

Super Girls of the Bible Sticker and Activity Book

Amazing women of the Bible come to life through age-appropriate puzzles, activity pages, and 50 reusable stickers in these friendly and fun sticker and activity book featuring The Beginner’s Bible classic art and simply written content. Children will love learning about Deborah, Ruth and Naomi, Queen Esther and more as they delight in the stories, art, and activities in The Beginner’s Bible Super Girls from the Bible Sticker and Activity Book.

Our Daily Bread for Kids Coloring and Activity Book

This coloring and activity book will encourage children to engage with their favorite Bible characters in a fun and creative way. With over 40 pages, they’ll remember important Bible stories and concepts. The best part is that they’ll follow the big story of the Bible while they play!

Jesus loves me songbook

Jesus Loves Me Song Book

Your little one will have a blast singing along to their favorite Bible songs. Along with the audio buttons that play the tunes there are also lyrics that accompany the songs.

Melissa and Doug water wow bible stories

Melissa & Doug Water Wow Bible Stories

Our Bible stories coloring book with water pen for kids features 4 reusable white pages that include simple line drawings when they are dry, then are filled with color when wet.

bible go fish

Bible Go Fish

Bible Go Fish adds an inspirational twist to the classic card game. Each card in this delightful deck reminds us to be thankful for all of God’s blessings: family, sunny days, Jesus…and more!

melissa and doug paint your own butterfly

Melissa & Doug Paintable Butterfly Magnets

Just for Fun – This set will round out the creative play experience and give kids another engaging option for screen-free fun

glitter sidewalk chalk

Glitter Sidewalk Chalk

Just for Fun – Bling it up with the Special Effects Glitter Sidewalk Chalk. Children can create attention-grabbing messages and shimmering drawings that pop. They can also use the sidewalk chalk to add a dazzling twist to traditional chalk games, including hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, and four square.

rabbit cross body purse

Rabbit Crossbody Purse

Just for Fun – Your little girl will love carrying her treasures around in this adorable purse.

Christian Themed Easter Basket Ideas for Kids Ages 8-12

the donkey who carried a king

The Donkey Who Carried A King

Davey was a young donkey who was bored and unhappy because he was never given anything to do. Then one day, some strangers came to the gate―and Davey’s master picked him for a very special task. Davey carried the King, Jesus, into Jerusalem. A few days later, Davey saw some angry people making the King carry a heavy beam of wood. Davey could not understand it―until another donkey helped him see that the King was being a Servant on behalf of His people.

Indescribable: 100 Devotions About God and Science

Indescribable displays the majesty of creation with scientific findings, photography, and original illustrations. These 100 devotions encourage awe at God’s creativity with an in-depth look at:

  • Space, Galaxies, Planets, and Stars
  • Earth, Geology, Oceans, and Weather
  • Animals–from Hummingbirds to Dinosaurs
  • Our Minds, Bodies, and Imaginations
3 minute devotions for girls

3 Minute Devotions for Girls

This delightful devotional packs a powerful dose of comfort, encouragement, and inspiration into dozens of readings designed to meet you right where you are in life. Meditate on a scripture selection; read through a devotional created just for you; read a prayer designed to help jump-start your conversation with God. In only 3 short minutes, you’ll be on your way to beautiful blessings!

3 minute devotions for boys

3 Minute Devotions for Guys

This book offers 90 readings that speak directly to the interests, needs, and dreams of you “men under construction”—with plenty of fun references to sports, video games, machines, and all those things you enjoy. In three minutes’ time, you can 1) consider a relevant scripture selection; 2) read a devotional that explains God’s Word in light of what boys experience in life; and 3) read a prayer designed to help you jump-start a conversation with God.

youre gods girl coloring book

You’re God’s Girl Coloring Book

Now you can take God’s amazing truths into your heart as you add color to these 37 cool designs using your crayons, colored pencils, watercolors, or markers. Coloring is a fun way to spend some alone time—or invite some girlfriends over and make it a party.

inspirational coloring book

Inspirational Coloring Book for Girls

This coloring book has Biblical verses familiar to kids to create a faith-filled coloring page that will enchant your girl. Join in the fun – the perforated pages make this a shareable pastime. When you’re finished, hang your artwork for constant encouragement.

awesome bible puzzles for kids

101 Awesome Bible Puzzles for Kids

Here’s a fun and safe way to let your kids try out their detective skills. This entertaining collection of Bible puzzles provides ample opportunities for your kids to challenge themselves or match wits with a friend as they search for hidden words, find their way through mazes, and solve riddles.

Magnetic Bookmarks

Inspire the readers in your life with these adorable magnetic bookmarks.

children's affirmation wall art

Children’s Affirmation Wall Art

Each time your child looks at their wall art they’ll be reminded of who they are in Christ! Customize your piece by choosing favorite colors.

fuzzy velvet posters christian edition

Fuzzy Velvet Posters Christian Edition

Use any markers, pens or pencils to color these fuzzy posters.

Sticker By Number Bible Version

Create beautiful art that inspires your spirit with these 28 image sticker by number pictures. This book offers spiral binding and perforated pages so you can easily display your pictures.

Bible Trivia Flash Cards

Your child can test their knowledge with four categories of Bible trivia with these 56 flash cards.

Children’s Bible Trivia Game

Your child can test their knowledge of the Bible with this fun board game that contains over 1,000 questions.

slime Easter eggs

Slime Easter Eggs

Just for FunGood for kids to diy what they want with the slime (animals, flowers, trees). Exercise their kids’ coordination, ability of hands, eyes and brain, develop the kids’ creativity and imagination.

walkie talkies for kids

Walkie Talkies for Kids

Just for Fun – Bring the kids endless hours of fun and happy childhood memories.

paint your own garden stones

Paint Your Own Garden Stones

Just for Fun – Design 3 ready-to-paint stones including a lady bug, a butterfly and a cheerful sun!

dainty cross necklace

Dainty Cross Necklace

She’ll be able to wear and share her faith with this sterling silver necklace.

bunny bath bombs

Bunny Bath Bombs

Just for Fun – These adorable bath bombs will be the perfect touch in her Easter basket.

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Easter Activities for the Family

the easter story egg

The Easter Story Egg

Help your children reconnect with the TRUE meaning of Easter this year with this keepsake nesting set and NIV bible based rhyming story.

Start on Palm Sunday by reading the introduction of the book and Palm Sunday story, while holding your nesting egg set. On Monday, open the Palm Sunday Egg to discover your new Egg and read the story of House of Prayer Monday in your book Continue in this pattern until Easter Sunday.

resurrection eggs

Resurrection Eggs

Send your children on a hunt that will lead them to the treasure of Easter. Read the story together, open each egg, and find the surprise inside – each a symbol of Jesus’ journey to the cross

bunny ears ring toss set

Bunny Ears Ring Toss Set

Create a fun, memorable Easter egg hunt this spring with this ring toss set.

Creative Easter ideas are hard to find...until now. You're going to love this DIY Easter Bunny Bread. Creating this DIY project is fun for the whole family!

DIY Easter Bunny Bread

easter bunny potato sack race

Easter Theme Potato Sack Race

The kids will have a blast (and burn off some energy) with a potato sack race.

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I hope this list of Christian themed Easter basket ideas for kids has given you a ton of inspiration!