Teachable Moments While Birthday Shopping

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tshanina and jayden

This week Jayden had a birthday so, of course, we had to celebrate! Just like I do with the rest of the kids in my family, I asked if he’d rather have a gift, cash or wanted to go shopping! He opted for the shopping trip.

As we waited for Trent to get home from work to head to the store, I let him know that I’d give him a certain amount of money to spend at the store. Before we headed out, we talked a bit about tax and how we have to factor that in to the price of our items.

As we walked into Walmart, Jayden headed straight for the video games with his $20. And, of course, the game that he wanted was $19.96. I reminded him that he only had $20 and after you factor in the tax, he wouldn’t have enough cash! (Now, you may be rolling your eyes and wondering why I didn’t pitch in the extra $2 for tax. It’s not that we don’t have the extra $2, it’s sticking to what we say and teaching life lessons. Because, we all know that we can’t have everything we want in this life.)

trent and jayden

Trent and I both wanted to give in, but knew we couldn’t. We kept staring at each other wondering what was going to happen next. Would he have a meltdown? Would he want to go home because he couldn’t have what he wanted?

We looked for a cheaper game in his price range, but he wasn’t interested in any of those. I could see the wheels spinning in his little head. And at one point he did ask why we wouldn’t give him the extra money. And, as hard as it was not to give in, I reminded him that $20 was all we were spending.

On the way to the store, he had told us that he had $2 at home. I told him that if he wanted the game he could give me the $2 he had at home to cover the tax. (I’d done this with my nephews/niece before and it worked fine.) I knew if he really wanted the game that he’d be willing to part with his cash. But none doing! He didn’t want to give up his cash!


He finally gave up on the idea of a video game and we headed to the toy section – straight for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (I can’t believe they’re such a big hit still!) He found one that he wanted that was $13. I spotted a few that were $8.88 as we meandered through the aisle. He asked if he had enough to get both items. I told him that he could get two of the $8.88 items – and that’s what he finally decided.

As he headed to pay for his purchases, he seemed quite pleased with himself. And, of course, we praised him for getting the best bang for his buck with the money that he had! He ripped open his packages with excitement as we headed to Wendy’s for supper. And, of course, we had to let him bring in one of his new toys!

trent and jayden

It may have been his first shopping trip on a budget, but I’m confident that it won’t be his last. Especially if he continues to hang around with us!

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