Our Thanksgiving

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thanksgiving lunch

When Trent and I were first married we decided that we would flip flop between families for holidays. The plan was to go to my family for Thanksgiving and then his for Christmas. Then the next year we’d flip it. It’s worked out very well and we are able to relax and enjoy our day without having to run all over the place.

thanksgiving lunch 1

This year we headed to my sister, Leah, and her husband, Josh’s, house for Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving pies

elizabeth reading her poem

Elizabeth shared a Thanksgiving poem she had written. Our family may just have a future blogger. :O)

jacob writing in thankful book

One of Leah’s Thanskgiving traditions is a thankful book and each year her Thanksgiving guests share what they’re thankful for. It’s neat to read back through the years and see what everyone has written.

thanksgiving race 1

After lunch Joel and Elizabeth had a Thanksgiving race. There were two legs of the race with a tie breaker if necessary. As you can see, bike riding was the first leg. Before the race had even begun Joel said to Elizabeth, “If you win it’s because my bike’s heavier.” Crazy kid was already making excuses! And, what do you know, Elizabeth won!

thanksgiving race

The second leg was a lap around the house.

thanksgiving race 2

And, as you can see, Joel was the victor!

thanksgiving race 3

For the tie breaker they each had to gather four sticks that were as long as Jacob’s forearm. I think Joel got a bit carried away with his “sticks” don’t you? In the end he prevailed and won the race.

me and jacob

Jacob was the videographer and I was the photographer for the race!

me and leah

This is my precious sister, Leah!

There must have been tons of tryptophan in the turkey cause Trent enjoyed a long nap after lunch! (In my defense, I did not take this picture.)

me, elizabeth and joel

apples to apples cards

A get together with my family isn’t complete without playing games. We enjoyed Apples to Apples and even taught the kids how to play Phase 10.

trent and jacob 1

There was fun had by all!

trent and jacob

I finally talked them into smiling.

How was your Thanksgiving?

Thrifty T

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