January Traffic and Income Report – $112.77

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january 15 traffic and income report

Raise your arms and get ready for the plunge! We’re going to take a ride on a roller coaster – December was a huge month income wise but January took a big dip.

Honestly I’m happy with the income that I brought in. I’m still adjusting to life as a new mom and learning how to work blogging into “normal” life. So, I was happy to be able to cover my expenses! After totaling everything up, I was quite surprised to have done better than I thought – woot!

Here’s a look at January’s numbers:


Underwritten Post – $100

Google Adsense – $47.48

Amazon Affiliate Network – $46.10

The Blogger Network – $17.32 (started on January 28)

PriceGrabber – $11.41

Sovrn – $3.72

Izea (sponsored tweets – less monthly subscription fee) – $.75

Media.net – $.18

Total Income – $226.96



Post Expenses – $74.18

Blog Consult – $20

Host Gator (hosting) – $6

PhotoDune (post images) – $6

BoardBooster (Pinterest Scheduler) – $5

inlinkz – $1.67

Feedblitz – $1.34

Total Expenses – $114.19


NET INCOME – $112.77


Traffic Overview January 15 Traffic Overview


Top 10 Traffic Sources

January 15 Top 10 Traffic Sources


What I Learned Last Month

Pinterest eCourse

Boy am I so glad that I took the Pinning Perfect Pinterest eCourse last month! It was worth every bit of $65 (even more) and I highly recommend that anyone serious about Pinterest go through the course!

The course is jam packed with tips and tricks to not only get your Pinterest boards where they need to be, but she also shares how to rock Pinterest with your pins. There are tips on images, pinning and much more!

I’ve already begun putting what I’ve learned into practice and hope to see results within the next couple months (that’s how long she said it could take). I’ll definitely keep you posted!

Speaking of the Pinterest ecourse, I’m so glad I took it because I was pinning “incorrectly” and had actually seen a drop in my Pinterest traffic. Believe it or not, I was pinning the same posts too often (every couple days) and was getting dinged by Pinterest. Now that I’ve learned that’s the wrong thing to do, I’ve corrected my pinning procedures! ;o)

BoardBooster has been awesome! I’ve combined what it with the info I learned in the eCourse, and have come up with what I think is a winning strategy for me. The best part is that I don’t have to be pinning all the time or at all hours of the day because Boardbooster does the work for me.

Once a week I take a couple hours (I just started this so I’m hoping I’ll get faster) and pin everything for one week. The $5 is well worth it and gives me more time with Trent and Dalton, plus saves my sanity!
The Blogger Network

I can’t be more excited that I was accepted into The Blogger Network last month! Not having to keep track of how my ads are performing is huge for me right now, especially since I was trying to learn as I went!

The ads were placed on my site on January 28. In those 4 days alone I made 27% of the total earnings for the rest of the ad networks for the entire month! I look forward to seeing how they perform for the entire month of February. (I hear that the ads are lower when they’re first implemented because they’re figuring out what works best for my site!)

The great thing about The Blogger Network ads is that you get paid by how many people view the ads instead of how many people click the ads. I like that I don’t have to have “clicky” readers!

How’s Your Blog Doing?

Now it’s your turn to share! What tips and tricks do you have to share that have been working on your blog?

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