I was minding my own business and reading Start. by Jon Acuff when it hit me in the gut. It was as if Jon had read my mind and then put my thoughts in his new book. How dare he! ;o)

I was reading the third chapter of the book that talks about “what to expect when you’re starting.” Starting what, you might ask? Well, that looks different for everyone. For me it’s starting my own web design business and starting a blog in my community to help people save money. For you it could be starting a new job, trying something new, or a plethora of different things that you’d like to do/be.

One of the problems that all of us face when starting something, anything, is that we hear voices. Jon shares three of the most “popular” voices that people hear. As I read the first one that’s when it hit me in the gut. “Who are you to do that?”

My Voices Say…

“Who are you to start a web design business? After all, you’re self-taught and there are people that know more than you do.”

“Who are you to try to grow a blog in your community? There are much bigger, influential voices in your community.”

Maybe it’s naive of me but I thought I was the only one that asked, “who are you to do that?” I’ve had low self-esteem for the majority of my life so I thought I was alone.

Killing the Voices

Who are you to do that? That was the question I heard from the voice in my head. Like I did, kill the voices in your head before they kill you!

We’ve talked before about taking our thoughts captive. And, killing the voices inside our head has the same approach. Jon says, “If you don’t deal with your voices, they don’t go away…Doubt and fear are like muscles. Every time you believe a lie about yourself, it gets easier to believe it the next time…If you don’t kill your voices, they will kill you.”

When you hear those voices, compare them to the truth. The truth will always win. Comparing them to the truth could look something like this. (I’m going to use my examples from above.)

“I may be a self-taught web designer and there may be people that know more than I do, but that doesn’t mean I can’t research and learn those same things. They had to start somewhere.”

“I may be a smaller voice in my community but I’m definitely qualified to tell people how to save money. I know firsthand what it feels like to live paycheck to paycheck. Who’s better qualified to help others than me?”

What do your voices say to you? The next time they speak up, stop right there and kill them!

Thrifty T

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