Nobody wants to hear the word no. I'm sharing a life lesson I learned from telling my son those very words. Stop by for a bit of inspiration!

“No, Dalton! Don’t touch that!”

No was a word that had become part of my regular vocabulary now that Dalton had become mobile. He was in to just about everything so I had to keep my eyes (and ears open) to make sure he didn’t get into something he shouldn’t.

As I continued tying my shoes so that we could take our walk, he reached for the cord again. He was standing just a few feet away in my bathroom and the cord he was pulling was connected to a hair dryer on the counter above him, which he couldn’t see. As any child would, he found the cord intriguing and, of course, wanted to play with it.

Just as he pulled for the cord a second time I finished tying my shoe and was able to get to him before he tugged on it and pulled the hair dryer down from its resting place.

My Lesson In Dalton’s No

As we made our way outside for our walk, it hit me. How many times has the Lord told me no with me getting upset because I didn’t understand? If I’m being honest, it’s probably been countless times!

The twists and turns of my life are like the cord that Dalton was pulling. And just like Dalton couldn’t see the hair dryer on the counter, I too can’t see the dangers that are ahead of me on the journey. I get upset when the Lord tells me no because that’s a path I want to take. Why can’t I do that Lord? What can’t I have that or be that?

And just as I lovingly removed Dalton from the dangerous situation that he couldn’t see, the Lord lovingly redirects my path over and over again. (I’m thankful that He’s so patient and loving towards me. Aren’t you?)

Jeremiah 29:11 says, “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’

It may not feel like the Lord has your best interest at heart, but I promise He does. Years may pass before you see His plan in your life, but rest assured my sister that He has one. He hasn’t forgotten about you and what you’re going through. In fact, He’s right there with you every step of the journey!

When times are tough, I remind myself that if He made the whole world in 6 days, I’m pretty sure that He’s got whatever is going on in my life. The hard part is learning to trust Him and, many times, waiting for His timing.

The next time the Lord tells me no, may I remember the story of Dalton and the hair dryer!