Teenagers Jumping
We’re jumping for joy and excited to report to you that yesterday we sent in the last payment for our home mortgage.  WE’RE DEBT FREE!!!!!  Thank you Lord.

Our goal was to pay off the house by Trent’s 40th birthday (September, 2011).  We had a piece of property that has been for sale for a while now.  So, when someone put an offer on it, we were ecstatic.  We took the money from the sale of the property and were able to scrape together the remainder to send in our last payment.

I think I’m still in shock.  It has been our dream and goal to be debt free.  Isn’t it neat how God fulfills our deepest desires?  He’s so awesome.

Once paying off the house, our goal was to pour the money into savings for retirement.  Since we’re ahead of schedule, Trent has agreed to let us take the extra money to make home improvements until our original goal date.  So, that means I get to start on the kitchen earlier than I anticipated!!!

I want to encourage you to keep pushing toward your goal.  Whether you’re saving for an emergency fund, paying off credit card debt or paying off your house, it will all be worth it when you get there.  You can do it!!!!

Thrifty T