Tracking Your Checkbook with iBank (or Quicken)

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Last week I shared how I work our weekly budget. This week I want to tell you about the software that I use to keep track of our checking/savings accounts.

Yes, you can keep track of your checking account the old fashioned way with a check register and pencil, but I promise that once you try this method you’ll never go back because the software does all the work math for you!

I’m currently using iBank 4 (Mac users) and love it!

ibank 4 ibank

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As you can see (click on the register photos to see a larger view), iBank 4 looks exactly like a check register. You can create and manage as many accounts as you’d like (see the example on the left – checking, saving, business, etc). On top of that, you can create as many different categories as you’d like (groceries, gas, etc.) so that you can track your spending!

When it’s time to balance your checkbook, simply check off the items that have cleared your bank and the software does all the math for you!

At tax time, instead of getting out the calculator, you can run a report and get a lump sum of any category for your accountant!

The only time I use my check register is to write down any checks we’ve written (so that I won’t forget when time comes to enter it into iBank!)

iBank 4 is around $50 and, in my opinion, it is worth every penny.

For those of you that are PC users, never fear, I haven’t left you out! Before I switched over to my Mac I used Quicken for years and loved it too. (FYI – They also have Quicken for Mac but I decided to stay within the Apple family when I switched over!)

quicken quicken check register

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Quicken has all of the features mentioned above and is around $30.

If you’re keeping track of your checkbook the old fashioned way or are looking for new software, I highly recommend both of these products to you!

Do you use software to manage your checkbook?

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(Disclosure – The links in this post contain my affiliate links.)

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