babys roomWe finally put the finishing touches on the baby’s room and I’m excited to share it with you today!

babys room

As you step in from the hallway and turn to the left, you’ll find the dresser/changing table (that I found on Craigslist) filled to the brim with clothes passed down from my sister’s babies and from our baby showers! We already had this recliner in another room in the house, so it was a no-brainer to use it!

The train picture gave me the inspiration for the rest of the pictures in the baby’s room. It, too, was passed down from my sister!

babys room

(I had a hard time getting a great picture of the curtains without the it being too dark or having a glare.)

My big splurge for the room was these Pottery Barn curtains. (I’ll share soon how I saved 25% on them!) These blackout curtains are heavy duty and I plan on them being in this little guy’s room for a long time to come. There are tons of color options that we can choose from for comforters and such as he gets bigger!

babys room

I found the crib at a discount store in Franklin called Head Springs Depot, and my mom was able snag the bed skirt that matched my curtains on eBay.

The wall art was actually the last thing to come together for this room. When my sister told me that I could have the train picture that’s hanging on the opposite wall, I wasn’t quite sure what to put with it. I meandered around Hobby Lobby a few times, but nothing quite caught my eye.

My sister and I had found The Sky’s The Limit wall cling but wasn’t 100% sold on it. That is, until I found these fun planes that are hanging with it. They, too, are Hobby Lobby finds and you better believe that I used 40% off coupons on these puppies.

babys room

You can’t really tell in the picture, but these planes actually stick out from the wall. I think they’re just adorable!

babys room 3

And, a room in our house wouldn’t be complete without a bed for Princess. Yes, big sister has to have a space too. (Fingers crossed that she’ll sleep in it while I feed the baby and not want to sit in my lap!)

babys room

Last but not least, this is another wall cling that we mounted on a canvas. It’s hanging on the same wall that has the closet door.

I’m so thankful for all of the help I had from my family in putting this room together. My mom painted the walls, my sister helped me put away all of the items from my baby showers, and my other two sisters helped hang pictures. It was a true act of love and I definitely couldn’t have done it without them.

So there you have it! How do you like the baby’s new room?