At the beginning of the month Crystal at Money Saving Mom shared that she’d  going through her house and getting rid of 7 things a day for the entire month of May. She encouraged the rest of us to take the challenge and to clean out the clutter. I read her daily posts but didn’t quite have the gumption I needed. Until…

Out of the blue, around the middle of the month, Trent told me that he had some shirts that he didn’t want anymore – they were ready to be donated. (I about fell over because I’m usually the one encouraging him to clean out and get rid of things we don’t use.)

That was all it took for me to start cleaning out the clutter! Instead of doing it daily, I went from room to room.


I went through my closet and anything that I didn’t wear last season or didn’t fit got added to Trent’s pile of shirts. (I don’t know about you, but I keep clothes thinking that I’ll be able to fit into them later. The realization is, if/when they fit again they’ll probably be outdated.)

vcr tapes

Yes, some of us still have VCR tapes. I decided to go through each tape and see what was on them. As you can see from my pile, most of them were from the pre-DVR era. I’ve been holding onto these tapes all these years and the only thing that was on them were old TV shows that had been recorded for me to watch later. Hello dumpster!

stuff to donate

I went through drawers, closets, nooks and crannies and found a bunch of stuff that I have no intention of using. Some of it went straight into the trash but most of it went to my donation pile that was ever growing.


I even went through my cookbooks. If I didn’t use it in the last year or it wasn’t something I loved, it was time to say goodbye. Am I the only person who likes cookbooks with pictures? It’s funny to look at old cookbooks and see how photography has grown through the years. We’re spoiled aren’t we?

backseat of stuff to donate

I bagged and boxed up the treasures to be donated. (I usually take my treasures to Goodwill but decided to donate them to a local non-profit called Greenhouse Ministries. They help folks in our community with food, clothing, job skill training, adult education classes and counseling. They also have a thrift store where they sell the items that I donated. What a great feeling to be able to help others with my treasures!)

stuff to donate

The back seat of my car was so full that I had to put a few bags in the front seat.

cardboard to recycle

While I was at it I decided to drop off my cardboard and magazine recycling at the dump. After all, I had a few bags of trash to take too! (I spared you from that picture!)

It’s amazing the amount of stuff that we hold onto. When I unloaded my car it was very freeing.

When was the last time you cleaned out the clutter?

Thrifty T