tomato plants

We both agree that there’s nothing better than a ripe tomato fresh out of the garden, and Trent has been itching to plant a garden! So, yesterday when we were in town we stopped by a local greenhouse and picked up a few plants (I was excited to see that some of the plants were BOGO!)

The gentleman at the greenhouse assured Trent that it wasn’t too late to plant tomatoes. So as he headed to pick out his plants (side note – isn’t it amazing how many different varieties of tomatoes there are?) I gunked around the flowers (I could have stayed there all afternoon).

garden - before

We picked our garden area. I wanted an area close to the house and Trent wanted an area that got plenty of sun. This was our compromise. We’ll see how they do this year and adjust next year if needed. I thought this was the perfect spot.

trent - garden

Trent worked hard “plowing” our little garden, and Jayden had come over so he was recruited to help! It didn’t take much recruitment though as he was a willing helper!

jayden and trent - garden

When we were almost done “plowing” Jayden said something about getting paid for helping. I assured him that he was not getting paid, but that I’d make him dinner. (Hey, the kid probably doesn’t know any better.) I thought it was hilarious.

jayden with wheel barrow

garden - after

Oh how this little endeavor reminded me of my dad and the gardens he planted. With four daughters, of course we had to got to help him, but what valuable lessons we learned! (My least favorite job was picking the green beans. It was so time consuming. Then you had to snap them and all that jazz. I can assure you you won’t find those in our garden anytime in the near future.)

tomato plants in garden

trent planting tomatoes

Yeah! Trent planted his first tomato plant ever. Fingers crossed that they do well!

tomato plants in garden 2

I think our little garden turned out quite well. Along with the four tomato plants we also planted some red peppers for me!

I know what you’re thinking – we’re going to have tomatoes coming out our ears. Well, we banked on one or two of the plants not doing well. And, it was actually cheaper to buy the plant than it is to buy tomatoes at the grocery store.

This is also a learning experience for us. I’ve planted tomatoes before but they were in a container garden and didn’t do very well.

jayden watering tomatoes

And even though we didn’t pay him, Jayden did a great job helping out with our garden! The funny thing is that he doesn’t even like tomatoes.

Did you plant a garden this year? What did you plant?

Thrifty T