Thankful We Saved For A Rainy Day

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God is good…that’s the only way I know how to start this post!

If you’ve been reading my monthly goal posts you know that Trent and I have been working hard to put money back for our emergency fund. It’s been a slow process but we’ve inched our way closer and closer to our goal.

Well, a few weeks ago an emergency came up and we had to use quite a bit of our emergency fund to offset the expenses. Man, it sure was hard taking that money out of our savings but I’m so thankful that we had it!

I absolutely have to share this part of the story with you because God is so cool! Trent likes to buy and sell stuff. At the beginning of the year God allowed him to buy and sell quite a bit of stuff. I was secretly hoping that we were going to be able to use the extra cash to fully fund our emergency fund but I guess God had other plans. We had also been saving a Christmas bonus, some money we had saved for taxes (that we didn’t have to use) and some money Trent had won from fishing tournaments for a few projects. Thankfully we were able to use this cash to offset the amount of money we had to take out of the emergency fund. See, I told you He’s cool!

Life has uncertainties and we don’t know what tomorrow holds. If you haven’t set back money for emergencies I strongly encourage you to do so. Without our emergency fund we would have been up a creek without a paddle (in more ways than one). So, whether you’re putting back $5 or $100 a week, put something back. Come on let’s do this together!

Are you currently saving for a rainy day?

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