In celebration of our 5th wedding anniversary and paying off our home mortgage, we took a cruise last week.  Of course I had to share photos with you of God’s beautiful creation.

Port #1 – Grand Turks and Caicos

When I heard that Grand Turks and Caicos was one of our ports we were stopping at, the first thought that came to my mind was the Miss America pageants…I always wondered where those beautiful ladies from Grand Turks and Caicos lived. I knew you’d get a kick out of that. ;o)

I was amazed at how close the ship docked to the island.  The water here was breathtakingly beautiful…and I was in awe!  What a beautiful, beautiful place.

We decided to forgo the excursions that the boat offered and scope out something for ourselves (it was cheaper doing it that way too!)  We rented scooters and explored the island…what a blast!  Trent talked the guy down to $40 for the whole day (some people we talked to later paid $50 for two hours – it pays to be thrifty!)  As we drove around the island, it was clear that this is a poor country.  The nicest part of the island was the area where the ship docked.  Looks can be deceiving can’t they?








Port #2 – San Juan, Puerto Rico

The biggest attractions for San Juan were the forts – Del Morro Castle and San Cristobal Castle.  The entry fee was only $3 per person so this was a inexpensive attraction.  We grabbed a map of the city and headed for the free trolleys.  I must admit that it was a bit intimidating because we don’t speak Spanish (plus we didn’t really know where we were going).

It was fun exploring the forts and the different passageways.  One of the forts had six different levels so there was a lot of stair climbing as we explored.  We ended up walking from one fort to the other because the trolleys were full.  Note to self – wear tennis shoes and not flip flops if you’re going to walk around San Juan and explore the forts.  Needless to say, at the end of the day our dogs (feet) were barking.



This was inside the dungeon (which is not a place I’d want to stay – it didn’t have any light or windows).  These drawings were from a captive awaiting execution.



The view from inside the sentrys where they would watch for incoming ships.







The view from one fort to the other.



This is the triangle staircase that takes you from one level to the next, quite a scary place for me.  Although it looks like there’s light in here there is NOT…this was jut the flash from my camera.  I almost had a panic attack because I got so scared about halfway down. It was so dark that I couldn’t see in front of me (I’m sure the Spaniards that lived in the fort ran up and down these many times a day – they probably would laugh at how scared I was).




Just in case you were wondering.  ;o)




This was inside one of the places where they’d sit to look for incoming ships.




We also went to a beautiful art gallery called Butterfly People where they create pieces of art with beautiful butterflies.  Their pieces were absolutely breathtaking and their site does not even do their work justice.  Because this was a gallery we weren’t able to take pictures for you…bummer.

Port #3 – St. Thomas

This was an island surrounded by some beautiful waters as well.  We went to Coral World and enjoyed checking out more of God’s beautiful creations.



This is the transportation for the tourists.  When traveling it’s safest to keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle because you get very close to each other.





Ginormous aloe vera plants.














Port #4 – Half Moon Cay, Bahamas – Holland America’s private island


We chilaxed on the beach and enjoyed people watching while at Half Moon Cay.





We had a blast watching this little man the entire trip.  He always seemed to be by himself but he didn’t seem to mind one bit.  This was one of his very eccentric outfits.  He put a smile on my face each time I saw him.




We had such a wonderful time on this trip.  It was great to be away but it was even greater knowing we were coming home to a house that was paid for.  I don’t say that to brag but to encourage you to keep pressing towards your goals…you can do it!!!

Are you dreaming about a treat for yourself after you reach one of your goals?  What do you have planned?

Thrifty T