You and I both know how expensive trash bags are.  Unless you know of a secret I don’t, they’re definitely an item that you can’t go without.

Trent and I often joke that we have a “little man” that comes into the house at night and fills up our trash cans.  I mean, there’s only two of us and we can fill up 2-3 bags a week.

A few months ago my friend was telling me how passionate she is about recycling.  Now, I’ve never been one to recycle.  I mean, how do I know that they don’t drive the recycle bins over to the landfill and dump them there?  Okay, that’s a side note.

After thinking about our conversation a bit more, it hit me that recycling cardboard alone could cut down on the amount of trash that we have.  After all, I already go to the recycle bins to take my papers.  Why not take some cardboard when I go.

So, last month I had a little experiment.  I committed to recycling for a month to see how many bags of trash we could cut down.  I’m here to report that we are down to using one bag a week.  I bought this $5 trash can and it’s right outside the back door (very easy to access).

Do you recycle?