Instead of running to the store to buy a new refrigerator, we saved $600 with just a few hours of work and bought a used one!

A few days ago Trent’s mom called to let us know that her refrigerator was going out and that she needed to get a new one. Unfortunately we didn’t know of anyone that had a fridge for sale.

When we talked to her the next day she told us that she was just going to buy a new one. After Trent hung up the phone we started chatting. We both hated the thought that she was going to have to buy a brand new one…it’s crazy how much they charge for appliances! I had a Dave Ramsey moment and asked what would we do if we needed a new fridge. After we both thought about it we agreed that we would buy used one. So, Trent quickly called his mom back and told her to hold off on buying anything – we were going to search around for a used one for her.

The next day I ventured to our local Habitat Restore hoping that they’d have one, but sadly they didn’t. Trent also looked around on Craigslist.

As a side bar – if you’re looking to buy a used item, you’ll likely find it on Craigslist. There’s a plethora of items for sale, and even a free section. Plus, if you’re wanting to sell, it’s free to list your items on Craigslist!

This afternoon was Trent’s day off work so we headed to Nashville to the Sears scratch and dent warehouse. To be quiet honest, I was a bit shocked at how expensive their items were. Even at a discount, some of the refrigerators we saw were over $1,000. Yes, even with scratches and dents! We didn’t find anything there because we were looking for a specific brand and color.

We weren’t about to give up because Trent had one more trick up his sleeve. He had found a refrigerator on Craigslist so we headed to check it out. After we checked it out and decided it that we wanted it, the haggling began. (I don’t know about you but this is my least favorite part about selling stuff. I’m not a good negotiator.) After going back and forth for a few minutes Trent was able to talk the man down $100! When it was all said and done, we headed back to his mom’s house with a used refrigerator that had a few scratches, and we only paid $400 for it. Needless to say, Trent’s mom was ecstatic!

Sure, it would have been easier for her to pay over $1,000 for a new refrigerator and have it delivered to her house. But, you and I both know that money doesn’t grow on trees. Our few hours of work was definitely worth saving $600!

What about you? Would you have bought a new or used one? How do you find great deals on used items?

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