After getting my husband hooked on those fancy razor systems I knew we’d needed to come up with a way to save money on the razor refills. Well, we did just that and I’m sharing my top secret tips with you!

I can't help with razor burn or razor bumps, but I can help you save money on razor refills. This is one of those life hacks you wish you knew years ago!

Please tell me I’m not the only person who is amazed at the cost of razor refills. I mean, how expensive can a little bit of plastic and metal be? Ok, never mind that theory. I’m stepping down from my soap box to show you how we save money on razor refills!

Amazon’s Subscribe and Save Program

One of the cheapest places I found to buy razor refills was on Amazon. To top that, a few years ago we learned about their Subscribe and Save program. Have you heard about it?

Program Details

For each item that you subscribe to through the program you receive a discount of 5%. You can choose to receive your subscription every 1-6 months, and orders are delivered around the 13th of the month. Did I mention that you also get free shipping on your subscriptions!

Plus, when you have 5 or more subscriptions that arrive in the same month, you’ll save 15% on your entire order.

I love the fact that after your initial order has been delivered, you can cancel your subscription any time or even delay an item from being delivered if you’re not quite ready for it. (When I started using my other tip below I noticed that I kept needing to delay my shipments!)

I have found that Amazon has the cheapest razor refills around, so I’m not sure why you would cancel. But don’t take my word for it…head on over to Amazon and search for your favorite razor refills.

Tip: Don’t forget to look for Subscribe and Save Coupons to save even more money!


Dip Your Razor in Rubbing Alcohol

I know you think I’m totally crazy, but dipping your razor in rubbing alcohol really works. We’ve been using this trick for forever and it stretches our razors even further. Woot!

Keeping your razor blades dry helps them last longer. Rubbing alcohol is a drying agent and when you immediately dip your razor in it after you get out of the shower it does the trick. (Store your rubbing alcohol in a spill-proof container, especially if you plan to travel with it.)

Tip: Since your shower is moist and wet, I don’t recommend that you put your razor back in it once you’ve dipped it.

Now it’s your turn.

How do you save money on razor refills?