He Rejoices Over Me With Singing – Mirror Cling

He Rejoices Over Me With Singing – Mirror Cling


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“He Rejoices Over Me With Singing”

This custom mirror cling is a beautiful reminder from Zephaniah 3:17 of the depth of the Lord’s love for us.

– Perfect for bathroom mirrors, kitchen sink windows, cars, and so much more!

Size: 3″ x 2.74″

Mirror Clings are shipped with untracked shipping (unless purchased with a prayer journal).


Out of stock



Mirror clings are perfect for both home and office and are designed to firmly hold to any smooth glass surface. Each cling is made with premium static vinyl which allows you to easily move it from place to place without leaving a sticky residue behind.



What is a mirror cling?

Mirror clings are made of self-clinging vinyl that allow you to apply them to your mirror or window without using adhesive. They are a fun way to decorate any space with a smooth glass surface.


How do you use static mirror clings?

To use the static mirror cling, simply remove the backing and place on your mirror or window. Feel free to reposition or move to a totally different place in your home or office.


Are mirror clings removable?

Yes! You can easily¬†move your mirror cling from place to place. Because it’s made of a self-clinging vinyl, it won’t leave a sticky residue behind.


Do mirror clings hold up to bathroom fog and condensation?

Yes! Once you’ve applied your mirror cling it will stay in place until it is removed.


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