Adoration Accessory Kit

Adoration Accessory Kit


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Make the adoration portion of your prayer time easier and less intimidating with the Adoration Accessory Kit!

As you dive into the pages of your prayer journal you will find that the first key to an abundant prayer life is learning how to give proper adoration to the Lord. The adoration cards have over 60 attributes and names of the Lord.

When you’re done with this portion of your prayer time use the self-adhesive pocket to tuck them inside the front cover of your journal.

In stock



The Adoration Accessory Kit pairs perfectly with the Abundant Living Prayer Journal. The adoration cards contain over 60 names and attributes of the Lord, and will make your time of adoration with the Lord easier and less intimidating. This kit comes with a self-adhesive pocket that attaches inside the front cover of your journal to make storing your cards easy.

Product Details

  • Card Size: 3.75′” x 6.5″
  • Thick, 100lb Accent paper
  • Self-adhesive, vinyl card pocket


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