Poor Man’s Crockpot Potato Soup

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Poor Man's Crockpot Potato Soup - After looking for the perfect soup recipe, I decided to make my own with items I had on hand.

A few days ago when it was chilly outside I decided to make some potato soup. Now, I’m not one that usually makes soup – they never turn out as good as I’d like them to.

So, I scoured Pinterest (if you’re not following me on Pinterest I’d love for you to) looking for the perfect recipe! The only problem was that every creamy recipe I could find called for cream cheese, and I didn’t have any. So, you know me, I decided to improvise! As I was mulling over the recipe in my head I realized that we had hot dogs in the freezer that needed to be eaten, so I threw them in too!

Poor Man’s Crockpot Potato Soup

3 lbs peeled, chopped potatoes (give or take)

1 onion

2 cans chicken broth

2 cans cream of chicken soup


1 package of hot dogs

Peel and chop the potatoes and onion and add them to your crockpot. Mix together the chicken broth, chicken soup and pepper and place atop the potatoes and onion. Cook on high for 5 hours. If desired, garnish with cheese, scallions and/or sour cream!

Note: If you have family members that don’t like onions quarter them and they’ll be able to pick them out. Also, I would recommend that you cut your potatoes a bit smaller than I did. Otherwise, it’ll take longer than 5 hours to cook. You can substitute any type of meat for the hot dogs. Trent said he would have like it better with hamburger meat.

This was such an easy recipe and tasted really good! I’ll definitely be making it again!

Thrifty T

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  1. Trina @ Frugal Dr. Mom January 15 at 6:22 pm - Reply

    That looks really good and easy. I bet it would be good with sausage as well.

    • ThriftyT January 16 at 10:02 am - Reply

      Oh, yes, sausage would pair very well with this!

      Thanks for stopping by Trina!

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