This morning I soaked up some sun rays as I mowed the grass! I sure was thankful that we had beautiful weather!

I had a few household chores on my to-do list for today, so I decided to stop putting them off (yes, one of those items has been on there since last week!) I decided that as soon as soon as I finished mowing I was going to start on my inside chores. I started with my least favorite, cleaning the bathrooms, and didn’t stop working until everything on my list was done. I did this because I knew that as soon as I sat down I wouldn’t want to stop! All in all my extra chores only took me an extra 45 minutes! Not too shabby! Now that my chores are done for this weekend, I can relax and work on other fun projects!

A Sweet Note

One of the things that Jayden does to keep himself entertained when he comes over is draw. (It sounds like he watches tv and plays video games a lot at his house, so I try to shy away from those activities while he’s here.)

Earlier this week while I was making dinner, he was working away on a project! He asked me how to spell the word wonderful and then told me he was writing about a girl! A few minutes later he hands me this precious note. My hands were dirty from cooking so I asked him to read it to me.

And, of course, I just have to share it with you! (I’m going to write it out for you – as you read it you’ll see why.)


P.S. She likes hugs. (He added this after the fact because I tried to give him a hug to thank him for the note. Sometimes he lets me give him hugs and sometimes he doesn’t.)

Me and Tshanina

Tshanina is a good friend and she has the most wonderful husband in the (world) and the best 2 dogs.


Well we are back. She has a piano and a cool car and a wonderful house and they are dear friends.

How could this not melt your heart? Later that night Trent asked me why Jayden thought our house was so wonderful. And to be quite honest, this sweet little note caught me off guard so much so that I didn’t even ask. This little guy is just precious!

Polished Toes

polished toes

Am I the only person that feels like a slob if their toenail polish is chipped? Well, I was long overdue for a polish. So, earlier this week I gave myself a mini pedicure. I don’t know about you, but I’m always amazed at what a difference having polished toes makes. After a new coat of polish and a few shiny toes later, I can feel like a million bucks. Hey, what can I say…sometimes it’s the little things!

Ok, enough of my rambling.

How was your week?

Thrifty T