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I remember Monopoly as a game that would last forever.  As kids we would start a game one day and end it the next.  Well, when I met Trent that all changed.  Being the salesman that he is, he is a haggler (and very good at it might I add) and wins every time we play.

A few weeks ago my sister came over and we played.  When we began I decided that I was going to try to play strategically like Trent does.  I was doing great and had plenty of properties with a good income.  Then I landed on Trent’s properties that had hotels.  I didn’t have enough money to pay the rent and made a rash decision to sell Boardwalk as my rent.  It all went downhill from there.

If I had taken just a moment to survey my properties, houses and money I would have been able to pay the rent and not sell Boardwalk, thus keeping me in the game longer.  As I thought about our game, I realized that life decisions are like playing Monopoly.  There have been many times when I’ve made a rash decision or impulse buy and regretted it later.

When I need to make a large purchase I commit to think about it for twenty-four hours.  This keeps me from making an impulse buy and wasting money that I don’t need to.  How do you keep yourself from making impulse buys?

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