Last week I shared a few pics from my family time in Missouri, and this week I’m sharing part 2 since I was there until Wednesday! I had a blast on my visit! After my visit last summer I purposed to visit again this year, and I’m so thankful that I did.

Other than doing a bit of shopping, we just hung out and relaxed around the house (which is right up my alley). Whenever I visit, my sister always makes my favorite meals. (Chicken Enchiladas and Peanut Butter Pie to name a few for this visit.)

I asked so many motherhood/baby questions that I’m sure my sister got sick of them. :O)  (It wasn’t until I was looking through my pictures when I got home that I realized I got pictures of everyone except my precious sister. I could just kick myself.)

Tshanina and Cole

Every time I wanted to take a picture with Cole he either made a funny face or wanted to take the picture himself (as you can see in this pic).

He introduced me to the movie Frozen and I totally loved it! (I’ll definitely have to add it to my movie collection.) This little guy loves to sing so we also watched Mary Poppins and parts of the Sound of Music!


It’s hard to believe that next year at this time I’ll have a little one this age. Isn’t Kade just a cutie?!?

Baby Talk

This week I made my first diaper purchase, and I think I did pretty good!


I’ve been on the hunt for a dresser/changing table for the baby’s room. My search has been a bit difficult because I needed a specific size due to the size and layout of the room. When I found this dresser on Craigslist I jumped on it because it’s the perfect size. The plan is to paint it and give it a pop of color. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

baby name books

While I was out and about running errands this week, I headed to the library to pick up a few baby name books. Fingers crossed that we’ll be able to find the perfect name in one of these books.

Our First Garden Harvest


We were excited to pick squash and zucchini from our garden. It also looks like we’ll have some tomatoes soon! Yummo!

Well, that’s a peek into my week. What have you been up to this week?