I’m happy to report that we finished our birthing classes last week! (Last night I looked at Trent and asked if he was glad that we don’t have a class to go to tonight. Let’s just say we both agreed that staying home on a Monday night for the first time in a month is a good thing!)

We gleaned a ton of information from those 4 classes that lasted 3 hours each! I’ll be honest. Some of the information was helpful and some of the information stressed me out. So, I’m remembering what I need to and have left the rest in the book. I’m sure Trent will want to take the book with us to the hospital so it’s there if I need it!

Trent was such a great note taker. So good, in fact, that he played teacher’s pet on the last night of class when we had our recap and knew all the answers to the questions. He’ll be a great coach at delivery.

In the end, we’re both glad we took the classes because we feel a bit more prepared for the baby’s delivery…as prepared as you can be, I guess!

My Bag Is Packed
hospital bag

Speaking of delivery, we’re on the two week countdown. Can you believe it folks – two weeks!

I finally packed my bag. Well, as much as I could since I’m currently using most of the items that I’ll be taking. In addition to the other items that need to be added to my bag, we also have our hospital call list ready to go. Now we patiently wait.

How I Saved This Week

Crystal at Money Saving Mom is one of the bloggers that inspires me the most. She’s started a new topic on her blog called How I Saved, and I thought it’d be fun if I took her inspiration and share how I saved in my Peek Into Our Week posts. (We’ll see how it goes.)

Internet Service

Our internet service seems like it’s gotten worse over the last year. I called about a month ago to see what the problem was. And, whatdya know, they want us to increase our service. It was only $5 a month more to double our speed, but Thrifty T here didn’t want to come up off the cash. (Hey, we have doctors bills, diapers and more to pay for.) Surely you understand!

Well, this week I finally bit the bullet and called to increase our service because the slow connection was hindering my ability to work. When I called I asked if there was any kind of discount for customers that pay on time every month. I ended up getting the upgrade free for six months – $30! Not too bad for less than 15 minutes of work! Like I always say, every penny counts!

Making My Own Thank You Notes

thank you notes

After depleting my reserve of thank you notes from writing thank yous for our baby shower gifts, I knew I’d need more. So, instead of running to the store for more I made my own thank you notes. I already had the stamp, and last time I was at Hobby Lobby I used a 40% off coupon to buy 50 blank cards (and envelopes) – around $5. That’s definitely a lot cheaper than buying them pre-made and, honestly, I like the look of handmade better!

I’d love to hear how you’ve saved in the past week!

Overall our week has been pretty quiet, and I’m definitely okay with that. Especially since I’m sure they’ll be a lot going on in the next little bit.

What about you? What have you been up to this week?