If you’re looking for a natural ant killer for indoors you’ve come to the right place. I’ve tried quite a few different natural ant killers and this one works the best!

black ant on white background

Ants are fun to watch when they’re outside in their natural habitat. But when they venture into your house – in particular, your kitchen – it’s totally different. All the fun is gone and you want nothing more than for each and every one of them to die! (Sound too harsh? Well, you’ve likely never had ants crawling on your kitchen countertops.)

A family of ants decided it’d be fun to come into our house a few weeks ago. Then they invited their friends and those friends invited more friends. I asked my Instagram family what I should do about these said ants and they suggested various sprays.

I tried essential oil spray. It killed them, but they kept coming back.

I tried water and soap spray. It too killed them, but they kept coming back.

And then my sister had a totally different idea. She suggested that I try a non-toxic powder called Diatomaceous Earth. Weird name, right?! (If you’re a nerd like me you’ll be interested to know that it’s a natural mineral mined from deposits of fossilized algae found in the western United States.)

My Plan of Attack

I placed a small amount of powder in an empty k-cup close to where they were getting inside the house. Then I also put some farther down the kitchen countertop. The next day most of the ants were gone.

I noticed that the stragglers weren’t going past the k-cup but were walking on the wall by the light fixture – which was where they were coming inside. So, I made a bit of a paste with water and dabbed it along their trail. And that, my friend, did the trick. They haven’t been back since and I couldn’t be more happy.

The next time you need to get rid of some pesky ants I highly recommend the Diatomaceous Earth powder. It’s safe to use around kids and pets and, although I haven’t needed it for these, it will also get rid of bedbugs, roaches, and fleas.

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