Hosting a monthly game night isn’t something that I ever thought I’d enjoy…or even do. But the Lord has a neat way of stretching us in different situations. Follow along as I share how it all began!


A few months ago as I sat in the lobby of the funeral home I watched as people filtered in and out to visit the family of my friend who had passed away. Trent and I had planned to be there during the entire visitation because not only was it my friend who had passed away but it she was also the wife of one of Trent’s best friends. Naturally he wanted to be there to support him, and I wanted to be there to support Trent.

It was hard not to people watch during those few hours. But I noticed a trend – there were various groups of ladies that had come together to pay their respects to the family. My friend, Melissa, had been very active in different groups and circles of ladies. In fact, she was part of my weekly Bible study.

Watching the people come and go I couldn’t help but wonder if my own visitation would look the same. Trust me, these thoughts weren’t eerie but more of reflecting and natural curiosity.

It was then and there that I decided that I needed to be more intentional about the relationships in my life. Not because I want a ton of people at my visitation but because true community and relationships are my heart’s desire.

The next week as we sat at Bible study remembering our friend who had gone to be with Jesus, one of the words we used to describe her was intentional. She lived her life with intentionality and tried not to miss an opportunity that was presented to her.

There it was again, the thought of being intentional. I wanted that for my life, needed it…to be intentional with relationships.

Over the next few weeks I pondered what that could look like for me. I felt a nudging in my heart to have a monthly game night for a few of my girlfriends.

Now I must admit that this is totally out of my comfort zone because hosting isn’t something that I did, or really wanted to do. But instead of saying no to the Holy Spirit’s prompting, I said yes. After all, if I wanted to be intentional I’d need to get to of my comfort zone.

After talking to Trent and figuring out the best day, I added it to our family calendar. I quickly texted the invites before I could chicken out. And do you know what – I’m so glad that I did.

three friends

This one small act of following the Holy Spirit’s prompting shoved me out of my comfort zone and has given me the opportunity to be intentional and spend time visiting and laughing with other ladies that I wouldn’t normally have been able to hang out with.

And that, my friend, is how my monthly game night came to be. Can I encourage you to be intentional in your relationships and make time to be with friends that refresh and renew your soul.

I love what my pastor said a few weeks ago, “God calls us to do life together because He knows what we need.” We need community, my friend. (If you need a refresher on why we need community you can check out this post.)


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