We all have those days, (yes, you know the kind I'm talking about) and I'm sharing how I made it through one recently.

The day started off rather normal. Then all of the sudden it turned into one of those days. You know the kind I’m talking about because we all have them!

Trent came home and as I was getting dinner ready I had this strange urge that I needed to cry. I wanted to give him a heads up so I simply turned and let him know it was coming. (I’d done this a time or two before so he wasn’t too alarmed.) He’s always so sweet and puts his arms around me and loves on me.

After we finished dinner he asked why I needed to cry. I told him just because. I don’t know about you but sometimes crying just releases pent up emotions that I have – it’s rather healing.

But then I really wanted to figure out exactly why the tears were necessary. Call me crazy!

After dinner was finished, I sat at the table longer than I usually do. I knew I needed to take a few minutes to dig deep into my feelings to see why I was really bummed; that and the fact that I needed to get out of that funk. It may seem weird but as I processed through my thoughts I realized that I had been believing the lies that Satan had fed me. (I hate it when he does that.) He was telling me that I wasn’t good enough, that I didn’t matter and so much more. Right then and there I chose to take my thoughts captive. Those few moments were so healing for me and made me feel so much better!

When you’re having one of those days dig deep into your feelings and see what’s really going on.

Are you sad? If so, it’s ok to be sad. Take a few minutes to be sad but then you need to move on.

Did someone say something that hurt you? If so, process through why that comment hurt you so much.

Are you believing the lies of Satan? If so, stop and take your thoughts captive.

These suggestions may sound simple but at times they’re not. It’s often easier to stay in our funk and continue on having one of those days. But when we work through our feelings we are healthier for it and feel so much better!

What’s your tip for getting through one of those days?

Thrifty T